New York State Contributed $3.7 Million To Build A Hip-Hop Museum

Published At: 23 December 2019 , 02:35 PM

”We knew it was necessary because the Bronx is where hip-hop started.”

This week, New York state gave a $3.75 million grant to The Universal Hip Hop Museum, according to a CNN news. Temporarily established at the Bronx Terminal Market, the museum is an 8-year-old effort to document the history of hip-hop culture. With total charges running up to $80 million, the company plans to open doors in Bronx Point in 2023.

The co-founders include executive manager Rocky Bucano, legendary rapper Kurtis Blow, and “scratching” pioneer Grand Wizzard Theodore. Ice-T works on the founding board of directors, while Nas and LL Cool J are cultural representatives.

“We knew it was significant because the Bronx is where hip-hop started,” Bucano said CNN. “It’s crazy to believe of how hip-hop—which has such an impact on pop culture, promotion, politics—doesn’t have a place to call home.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared the grant on Dec. 19 “as part of a statewide package of financial and community improvement funding.” The additional money will help the museum move into a 50,000-square-foot area that’ll house shows showcasing several aspects of hip-hop culture, from fashion to the development of the sound. The institution also partnered with YouTube and Microsoft to create the museum a reality.

The museum also intends to run programming that will support young people in the region. “We desire to inspire, empower, and engage the community,” stated Bucano. “Hip-hop has touched every perspective of current society, and the community wants to know that it was built by people who seemed just like them.”

Last year, Public Enemy’s Chuck D was declared as the celebrity board chairman of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum.

“Hip-hop is probably the last remaining DIY genre, and we want to make it up to speed in its administration. I’ll confidently be a magnet for others to offer their assistance and help build the museum into a vital space,” Chuck D said Billboard last December. “The museum will be a firm base of perception of the past. But it will also be involved in hip-hop’s [ongoing] sense, guarding it and giving it viable for the future. The celebrity board’s character will be that of a cooperative with the energy of many serving to propel hip-hop well into the 21st century.”