New National Youth Broadcaster To Launch In Aus This Week

Published At: 28 March 2022 , 02:18 PM

The switchover will happen this Thursday, March 31 at 4pm, with CADA having a national focus over The Edge’s current model as a Western Sydney FM broadcaster.

CADA's presenters have also been revealed, including musos B Wise, Soju Gang, DJ Ziggy and more.

“Radio continues to play a huge role in the audio landscape, but as time and technology change our needs and expectations, it’s critical content producers evolve in sync with those changes, which is why we’re so excited to launch CADA as not just a radio station, but a multi-platform youth brand,” CADA Head of Content Marty Doyle said.

“Music isn’t just a hobby for CADA, it’s an obsession. We’re not about just putting songs on the radio but championing artists and their voices, while being on the pulse of exactly what’s worthwhile in music. 

“Our presenters and talent are filled to the brim with passion for what they do and are actively contributing to culture, building creative communities around their content and bringing those audiences with them to their new home at CADA. CADA will be working closely with them to create multi-platform content that celebrates and amplifies music, people, and culture.”

B Wise added: "I'm very excited about the direction of CADA and its commitment to celebrating Hip Hop and R&B (from home and abroad) with a diverse team of talent who are active in the culture. Being an active recording artist, and now host of my own show is testament to the station's attitude of doing things differently on commercial radio, so expect me to bring that energy!"

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