New ARIA Awards Behaviour Requirements Revealed Ahead Of 2022 Event

Published At: 19 May 2022 , 01:24 PM

The ARIA Awards are a night for celebration, that brings together fans, sponsors, crews and people from all walks of the music industry and life. 

Ahead of the 2022 event, ARIA has outlined its new behaviour requirements for the event and all ARIA-related gatherings. 

It ensures that all staff, punters and stakeholders from nominees, presenters and performers to partners and volunteers comply with the behaviour benchmark.

  • treat everyone fairly and respectfully and act with integrity in all dealings;
  • behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times;
  • act safely and responsibly, including as to alcohol consumption at ARIA events;
  • be mindful of language, conduct and behaviour at all times; and operate within the law at all times.

ARIA requires anyone involved in the Awards or any ARIA-related activities to not encourage, engage in or condone:

  • any form of discrimination, harassment, vilification or bullying; 
  • any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour; 
  • acts of violence or aggression or threats of violence or aggression; 
  • any illegal or unethical conduct; 
  • any conduct where a person exploits their position of power or power imbalance; 
  • any conduct that endangers the health or safety of others; or 
  • any conduct that is harmful or disrespectful to the reputation and best interests of ARIA, or its members and their respective employees.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that the ARIA Awards would take place on November 24, broadcast across Australia on the Nine Network and streamed to the rest of the world on YouTube.

“In 2022 we are absolutely thrilled to bring the ARIA Awards back to a full-scale, television event packed with the performances, glitz, and glamour that Australian music fans know and love,” ARIA CEO Annabelle Herd said.

“Nine has been a fantastic partner to ARIA over six years, as have YouTube and Destination NSW. With their support we can continue to create opportunities for Australian music to be heard in all its forms, by all who create it.

“We can’t wait to put on a sensational show at The Hordern in Sydney live and in person on the 24th of November.

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