Necro: Biography and music career

Published At: 25 March 2020 , 03:36 PM

Necro Biography

Ron Braunstein, in rap, is known by the Necro clique, who is a rapper of Jewish descent from the New York area - Brooklyn—known for his cruel texts about corpses, killings, violence, and more. As a child, Necro listened mainly to rock and metal, and the rapper's favorite group was Metallica. At the age of 13, he played the guitar in the metal band Injustice with his brother Ill Bill, and then he realized that his calling was only hip-hop, but you can still hear a note of heavy music in his tracks.

Russian roots

Many childhood friends have Necro Russians and taught him to swear in Russian, which was shown in an interview after a concert in Moscow when Necro made a somewhat obscene speech. By the way, the rapper himself also has Russian roots, and his grandmother is Russian by mother.

I need drugs

His debut album "I Need Drugz," despite the abundant content of cruelty, received rather favorable reviews, and his uncle Howie, who let heroin through his veins and told about the hard life of an addict.

In addition to the lyrics, Necro produces not only himself but also many artists from his label "Psycho + Logical Records." In general, he is a very interesting and creative person. Still, his music does not end there: Rapper is an active owner of the Sexpert porn company, so it is not surprising that naked young women are shot continuously in his videos.