Nate Dogg: Biography and music career

Published At: 15 April 2020 , 08:49 AM


Nate Dogg is an American hip-hop artist and singer who has collaborated with many top-level artists. In addition to his solo career, he was also in group 213 with Snoop Dogg and Warren G.

In 1990, the demo team 213 heard Dr. Dre, immediately offered contracts to all participants. As a result, Nate’s first appearance was on the album The Chronic”,  in 1993 he appeared on the Mista Grimm track “Indosmoke”, and in 1994, along with Warren G, he recorded the cult track “Regulate”, which became one of the key tracks of the G genre -Funk. After that, he made several joint tracks with 2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and other artists, while recording their debut album.

The double record “G-Funk Classics” was released in 1998, due to the decline of Death Row Records without collecting particularly large sales, but the audience well received the release. Nate recorded his second album by the year 2001. “Music & Me” turned out to be quite successful and was sold with a circulation of 400,000 copies. In 2003, he planned to release the album “Nate Dogg”, but the release was eventually released as a bootleg, and there was no official release. Since then, Nate has almost never practised solo tracks, appearing on the feats of various artists from Eminem and 50 Cent to Ludacris and Fabolous.

In 2011, due to serious heart problems, Nate Dogg died tragically after several strokes. He was only 41 years old.


Nate became widely known for his refrains and hooks, and the number of features with his participation significantly exceeds his solo discography;

He served three years in the US Army, where he was a supply specialist;

Cousin of rappers Snoop Dogg, Lil 1/2 Dead, Butch Cassidy;