Musician, singer and band - DJ Smash

Published At: 10 August 2020 , 05:45 PM

Career: producer, musician, DJ

Date of Birth: May 23, 1982

Age: 38 years

Place of Birth: Perm, USSR

Growth: 176

Family status: married


DJ Smash is a talented businessman, DJ, artist. He began his path to fame at the age of 14. Today, celebrity tracks are popular in Russia, Europe, America and other countries of the world, where a man goes on tour. The artist is also engaged in entrepreneurial activities, opening restaurants in different cities of the country.

Childhood and youth

Celebrity date of birth - May 23, 1982. Under the pseudonym, DJ Smash is Andrey Leonidovich Shirman, who was born in Perm and later moved to Moscow. He spent his childhood in a creative environment, as his parents were musicians. In later interviews, the DJ said that he became seriously interested in music at the age of 6.

Andrei's mother received the title of Honored Worker of Culture, Professor, working for many years as a choirmaster. His father was a professional jazz musician and also set an example for his son. Shirman, Sr. managed to teach and be the leader of musical groups. Andrey also has a sister, Ekaterina, who is ten years older than her brother.

According to the zodiac sign, DJ Smash is Gemini, according to the Eastern calendar, the artist was born in the year of the Dog. Physical parameters: height - 176 cm, weight - 72 kg.

DJ Smash as a child

Andrey's studies began at the age of 6 at a school with an in-depth study of English. He also visited the chess club and regularly attended piano lessons (at different intervals). Even then, the teachers noticed the student's talent. And from the age of eight, he began to write compositions himself, to compose music. The boy did not put off work on the back burner, so by the age of 14, he had recorded a full track.

At the same time, his first album, Get Funky, was released. The circulation of the collection for Perm turned out to be considerable and amounted to 500 units. While still a schoolboy, Andrei managed to release a mega-popular track.

On the advice of his father, the son changed his school to an elite educational institution. Upon graduation, he entered the Institute of Art and Culture of the city of Perm.

Success pushed the guy to move to Moscow. At that time, the young talent was barely 18 years old. The vibrant creative life and popularity of the DJ further contributed to the constant change of cities and countries: London, New York, Saint-Tropez, etc. Later, Andrei bought a house on Rublevka, where he lives permanently.

Personal life

In 2011, DJ Smash struck up an affair with Anastasia Krivosheeva, a famous model. He met the girl on board the plane and for a long time met in the mode of flights between cities. She walked the catwalks in New York and other cities, and such a relationship soon turned out to be mutually severed. At the same time, the parting took place quietly, without scandals and unnecessary hype in the press.

In one interview, Shirman said that he had a relationship with two girls who followed each other in succession. At the same time, the chosen ones of the young man called by the same name Olga. Then, in a conversation, he ranked himself as a bachelor.

As a result of the beating, the musician diagnosed with a fracture of the jaw, head injury, concussion. Andrei had to undergo a severe operation - a metal plate sewn into his jaw, with which he will walk all his life. In general, the rehabilitation took three months.

In the summer, the trial of Alexander Telepnev and Sergei Vankevich took place. The leader of Black Star came to support Andrey Shirman. Later Timur Yunusov said that before the meeting, an unknown man approached him with a proposal to settle the conflict with money. But the rapper refused.

During the trial, the attackers partially pleaded guilty but stated that Smash was the first to start the brawl. First, the accused were placed in a pre-trial detention centre, then released on bail and a recognizance not to leave. And on July 18, 2018, the court read out the sentence - 2 years in prison. The DJ is glad that justice has done. He considers this to be one of those rare cases when money and power do not solve anything.

Because the musician did not start a family for a long time and did not appear in public with his soul mate, there were rumours about his original orientation. But all speculation was dispelled when Shirman announced his reunion with model Anastasia Krivosheeva. The couple legalized the relationship, however, without a magnificent and loud wedding.


Already two years after the release of the first album (at the age of 14), the composition "Between Heaven and Earth", recorded together with Shahzoda, saw the light. She rotated on the radio, so Shirman actively invited to perform at nightclubs. Then, in 30 minutes, he came up with the pseudonym DJ Smash, which means hitting in tennis. The first time the performances held in the Perm club "Apocalypse".

From the biography of a celebrity, it knows that in the period from 2000 to 2004, Andrei acted as a music producer for the Depo group. During this time, he not only visited the sound engineer's console but also created unique arrangements himself. At the same time, the artist worked in the Shambala entertainment establishment, where Alexei Gorobiy noticed him. He contributed to the fact that authority figures from show business drew attention to the musician.

Already at the end of 2004, Andrey became one of the most invited DJs in the capital. At this time, he participates in the Zima Project, creates club tracks in Russian.

On June 14, the opening of the FIFA World Cup took place in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium. The World Cup held in Russia for the first time. The event lasted for a month, after which the official closing took place on July 15. The final song of the championship Live It Up was performed by Will Smith, Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi. Smash also appeared in front of the broad Luzhniki audience. In the same 2018, the premiere of the DJ's video for the song "My Love" took place.