Motorama Group: History of music band

Published At: 05 February 2020 , 03:30 PM

Motorama is a very popular musical group from Rostov-on-Don. This team was able to form in 2005, and today it consists of only three people. The main genres are twi-pop, post-punk and indie rock.

Date of formation: 2005

Composition: Vladislav Parshin, Irina Parshina, Mikhail Nikulin and Maxim Polivanov

Before popularity

Almost nothing is known about the past lives of all members of the Motorama group. Still, one thing is clear that a universal love connects everyone for post-punk, the antiquity of various cultures of the North, as well as the nature of their Rostov region. As usual, the group became famous not immediately after formation, but gradually. It was born, undoubtedly, on the Rostov land and continued its existence to this day. The musical collective has undergone many changes over the years of work since a large number of participants left it. At first, they wrote songs of their composition and shot clips for them, which had some clippings from documentary materials from the time of the USSR, as well as natural elements.

The Motorama group released songs in English, which was a good attraction for Russian youth. Many listeners liked their originality in music, as well as a certain eccentricity in the future. With each new track, the number of their fans increased and increased until the moment of real fame came.


In 2008, the band recorded their first mini-album, entitled "Horse". A year later the next album "Bear" is released. A little then after that, they decide to release a Russian-language album, which was called "November 17th." These compositions were able to attract many listeners, thereby expanding the audience. Almost all songs have a melancholy character, but they are not at all depressing and gloomy. They make you think about something and go deep into yourself. And in 2011, they first went abroad with their concerts. About a year later, they decide to sign a contract with the French label Talitres.

In 2015, their third studio album, entitled "Poverty", was released, a year later they delight fans with their fourth album, "Dialogues". In the fall of 2018, their fifth album, "Many Nights," is released.


Today, the musical group is actively touring the countries of Russia, Europe, Latin America, as well as Asia.