Morgenstern - biography and personal life

Published At: 30 June 2020 , 04:32 PM

Nickname: Morgenshtern

Real name: Alisher Tagirovich Morgenstern

Date and place of birth: 02.17.1998, Ufa

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

How many years: 18

Growth: 185 centimeters

Family status: Single


Morgenstern is a famous domestic blogger and rap artist. Popularity among the audience brought him a project on the famous YouTube portal, which is called "Izirep." As part of this show, he received universal fame for creating unique entertainment content and musical activities. Many times, fate hit him and put sticks in the wheels, but despite this, he managed to develop his work and share it with millions of subscribers.

At a young age, he made a vow that he would never work in the service sector for a meager salary. That is why a tattoo in the form of three sixes flaunts his eyebrow, according to him, this is a challenge to the system. Only a definite character and a constant search for new ideas fashioned a real professional and a media personality.

On February 17, 1998, Alisher Morgenstern was born. This is his real name and surname, and not his stage name. The guy was born in a big city, the capital of Bashkortostan, Ufa. If you translate his name, then from German, it will mean a morning star. At an early age, the father left the family, and the parents filed for divorce. Therefore, he was brought up only by his mother, he also has a younger sister, with whom he maintains a warm relationship. According to the latest data, the mother and daughter have changed their place of residence and moved from the Republic of Bashkortostan to Spain, where they purchased real estate. In the summer of 2018, a young man went to rest and see his family.

When the future blogger turned 11 years old, his father passed away. This event greatly influenced the guy, and melancholy surged over him. After that, he suspended the work of his channel on YouTube hosting and any creative activity. But the period of silence did not last long, and our hero was able to overcome the loss and appeared on the Internet in a new way and with renewed vigor. From a young age, the guy fell in love with music, preferred rap artists, at that time his idols were AK-47 and Guf, who was on the wave of popularity. Their texts became an essential component of his inspiration. It was then that the dream arose in the boy's heart to become a famous personality and devote his life to performing on stage. While studying at school, he took an active part in the educational institution's life, played in skits, so his love for the setting only increased.

Alisher's mother tried to support her son in all endeavors and hobbies. She had long understood that he wanted to write his songs, so he once brought an expensive and professional microphone from a business trip. Already at a young age, he did a great job with a computer and studio programs for recording tracks. Alisher quickly grabbed and studied.

After that, he decided to demonstrate his work to a friend who was delighted with the song. The support of a friend contributed to the further writing of texts and backing tracks. Soon, the young artist began to upload his work to the network space under the pseudonym Deenes MS. Even then, he began to go public in a shocking manner. He always wore a flat cap, trousers, trousers, and trendy sneakers. Thus, he tried to stand out from the monotonous crowd.

So one fine day, our hero, together with his friend with the pseudonym "White AP," decided to shoot their first video for the song "Above the Clouds."

The video quality is very lame, but it should bear in mind that very young guys shot and edited it without the help and assistance of adults. Despite this, they got their moment of fame. After the release of the clip, they began to recognize them at school. If you seriously look at the video, first of all, good quality backing tracks are striking.

The guys did a great job at their first stage in the world of the future. The action of the video takes place on the playground, near the house where the performer lives. Already in this text, the guy throws stinging expressions towards Guf.

When he was 16 years old, the young man found his first job. He worked part-time in the courier service for the delivery of correspondence, as well as washing cars in a car wash. But he understood that he was not going to connect his life with the traditional earthly profession. He continued to beckon the stage and universal fame.

After successful completion of the school bench, our hero decides to graduate. He submits documents to the local pedagogical university. Unfortunately, the guy not enrolled as a student for long. Soon he was expelled from the department due to one incident.

During practice in one of the schools, our hero shoots a video for his channel. Since 2013, he has been actively developing in the network space as a blogger. The guy created a humorous video in which he suggested that one of the schoolgirls have sex in the pantry. After seeing the video at the institute, they immediately decided to expel him from the faculty. According to the musician himself, the video was not a schoolgirl at all, but his adult friend. Despite this, he still excelled.

After this ridiculous incident, he again enters the ranks of students at the Aviation Institute, specializing in computer science. But even then, he realized that he was not going to connect his life with boring sitting in the office. The only thing that kept him was payments for the loss of a breadwinner at 8,000 per month.

A little later, in protest against a boring society, he puts a tattoo in the form of three sixes over his eyebrow. By this, he showed that he would never work for an "uncle" in the service sector. The mother of the performer took such an act calmly and did not condemn him.

In 2016, his first musical compositions and video clips for them began to be released. At that time, he worked on his project, MMD Crew. The guy expected the most significant popularity in the future when he creates a new unique content, Izirep, in which he makes high-quality and professional parodies of domestic rap artists and pop singers. He is still engaged in such activities to this day, which brings him good earnings.