Monsta X Band: Music career and top hits

Published At: 28 February 2020 , 12:29 PM

The South Korean band Monsta X is one of the most popular boy band that has won the love of fans around the world. It consists of seven participants who have not only charisma but also musical talent.

It is worth saying, like all successful music groups, this group was first a member of the reality show. All the guys from this group participated in the competition, which was called "Without mercy." This show was attended by 12 performers who competed with each other, as well as sang with famous performers. How talented the guys were, the jury estimated the campaign and left the most popular contestants. As a result, seven members remained in this group, and the last singer came to them much later.


It was the music brand Starship Entertainment that helped the guys debut in 2015, and, as all-stars should, the participants in this project did not stop, only on one musical career. Many of them starred in advertising campaigns. During their debut performance, the group presented several songs at once, such as No Exit and Trespass.

Over time, their small album called Rush & Hero is released. In 2015, the group received such awards as the MelOn Music Awards, the Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Simply Kpop.

Handsome guys have always attracted the weak half of humanity, and it was in the first year of their debut that they advertised the Korean Girl Scout Association. In 2016, Monsta X is gaining its popularity, and its third album called The Clan Part is coming out. This disc immediately becomes the top one, but the guys are still participating in a recital in Seoul. It is worth saying that tickets to their concert were sold out within 5 minutes. In October 2016, their next one was released, and after that, the guys began to debut on Japanese television and also participated in advertising for various brand companies in South Korea.

At the beginning of 2018, this group won the nomination "Best European Concert." In the same year, they took part in the transfer of the Olympic flame. In February 2018, the guys went to the first international tournament, and the second round was in May 2018, so that the fans of the team could enjoy the activities of the participants.

Personal life of performers

The vocalist of the group is Shin Ho Suk, who, until then, was the leader of another pop group. Before that, he starred in various TV series, is fluent in taekwondo. His main dream is to create quality bits.

The main rapper in the group is Lee Joo Hong. He also participated in recording songs with other Korean artists, has a talent as a parodist, and tries to create high-quality music that will appeal to him.

Another lead singer and dancer is Che Hyun Won. Before that, he studied at the Dance Academy and was a model.

The main vocalist of the band, Yu Ki Hyun, participated in many music festivals and collaborated with various groups. He loves the works of Michael Jackson and combines them with piano music.

Another vocalist Lee Min Hyuk tries not to flaunt his life but says that he has strange habits with which he shares with his fans.

The leader of the group is Song Hyun Woo, and he is not only a vocalist but also dances and cooks well.

The youngest member of the band Im Chiang Gyung, also the vocalist of this group. He is fluent in rap in English and can rise in price for a British English accent.

Interesting Facts

As many music experts note, this group always performs live. They have the most complicated choreography, which attracts the attention of viewers.

Band members often like to be kidding, and this is evidenced by a massive number of photos that are entirely wild and, at the same time, funny.