MiyaGi: biography of the singer, best songs, interesting facts

Published At: 21 July 2020 , 06:56 PM

Name: Miyagi (MiyaGi) 

Real name: Azamat Kudzaev 

Middle name: Kazbekovich 

Birthday: December 13, 1990 (29 years old) 

Place of birth: Vladikavkaz 

Height: 181 cm Weight: 95 kg 

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius ( characteristic ) Eastern horoscope: Horse 

Career: Russian musicians


Azamat Kudzaev is a rap artist known under the pseudonym MiyaGi. He performs in a duet with Soslan Burnatsev aka Endgame. 


Azamat was born on December 13, 1990, in the city of Vladikavkaz, in a family of doctors. The artist's father is a famous surgeon Kazbek Kudzaev, who heads the Center for Orthopedics and Aesthetic Surgery in North Ossetia. Respected at home Kazbek raised children (besides Azamat, he also has a son) according to all the canons and traditions of the Ossetian people, instilling in them patriotism, respect for elders, determination and courage.

He does not like to share details about his childhood, as does his father. Kazbek only talked about the origin of his son's first pseudonym: "Shau - because he was called that in the class, he was dark. In the Ossetian "sau" - black. "Azamat himself only once mentioned the case when, at the age of seven, he was on the verge of death, being hit by a tram, but he even spoke about this situation exclusively in connection with obtaining a diploma: the artist has higher medical education, he could become a right plastic surgeon or orthopedist. Having the knowledge and skills to provide medical care, he saved loved ones from death more than once. But at the behest of his heart, Azamat did not follow in his father's footsteps and honestly told him about it.

As a child, Miyagi's cousin was friends with Alan Hadzaragov, now known as the Matrang artist. Therefore, Miyagi is closely following the career of a younger colleague and believes that he has excellent prospects. 


In response to the recognition of his son, Kazbek blessed him on a creative path, giving the primary instruction: "You must become the best where you went", to which Azamat promised to do everything within a year to make the father proud of his son.

From a few interviews, it knows that the artist tried his creative powers already in the first year of the institute. He began recording the first tracks in 2011. And the first solo concert was organized in 2015. Azamat took the sonorous pseudonym Miyagi.

After graduation, the artist moved to St. Petersburg, where he entirely devoted himself to creativity. It was there, at Azamat's studio, that the historic meeting of two talented young people - Miyagi and Endgame - took place, who joined forces and created a unique duet, a symbiosis of rap and reggae. Inspired by the work of Bob Marley and The Notorius BIG, they found their unique style and began to record songs and shoot videos, posting them on social networks and the Youtube channel. Without any additional funding, the guys became very popular due to the quality of the songs, their semantic content and originality of sound.

Alone, Kudzaev managed to record only a few songs that made him noticeable against the background of the general rap industry ("House", "Bonnie"). And in a duet with Endgame in less than two years, two albums were created - "HAJIME" and "HAJIME 2", which instantly raised the performers to the first lines of the charts. The guys began to receive offers from representatives of various projects, but they refused them, remaining within the framework of their duet - and they paid off. Already in 2016, as a result of the popular vote, the duo received the title of "Discovery of the Year" according to the "HR" community.

In 2017 Miyagi and Endgame planned to release their third album, Umshakalaka.

Actively conducting concert activities, they do not allow the creative process to be interrupted. In addition to creating new songs for a broad audience, they are happy to collaborate with the famous boxer Murat Gassiev, with Ilona Tuskayeva and other artists. They can often see with the famous Vladikavkaz rapper Roman Amigo. In an interview given as part of the "Video Poster" program, Miyagi admitted that he plans to release his clothing line with his close friend. They developed sketches themselves and placed an order for wholesale tailoring in China. "Money is not the main thing. If you want to become famous - just do what you can and do it cool!" - the main motto of the artists. 


Having absorbed the principle not to advertise his personal life with his mother's milk, the artist does not talk about his family. At one time, out of the few remarks of his friends and father, it was only known that he had a son, who was born in 2016, and that his wife - official or not, is not known for sure.

The musician's father Kazbek Kudzaev told reporters that his son left for St. Petersburg with his beloved, called her daughter-in-law, and revealed to the public that she, like Azamat, received a medical education (in the field of gynaecology). Subsequently, fans found out the name of Miyagi's wife - Ilona Tuskaev. The compositions "Bonnie" and "My Wife" are dedicated to her. On September 7, 2017, an event occurred that divided the artist's life into "before" and "after". Miyagi's one and a half-year-old son fell out of a window on the ninth floor. The kid climbed onto the windowsill while his mother was in another room, pulled the handle of the window, it swung open. The boy did not have a chance to survive - he fell on the asphalt at the entrance. Heartbroken father rushed home and, in a state of passion, began to destroy everything that caught his eye, injuring his hand. Due to the tragedy, Hajime Records announced a hiatus in hopes of understanding from fans.


Miyagi and Endgame have far-reaching plans. The artists are confident that they will soon enter the international level. As the musician stated in an interview, on August 24, they will sing along with Bob Marley's son Julian at the WagWan reggae festival in Tallinn.