Misha Smirnov - a biography of the actor

Published At: 24 June 2020 , 08:15 AM

Career: actor, singer, TV presenter

Date of Birth: April 30, 2003

Age: 17 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia

Family status: not married


Singer Misha Smirnov, despite his young age, managed to gain fame with the Russian public. The boy represented the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and since then has managed to record dozens of singles and several solo albums with which he tours the country on an equal footing with adult musicians.


Misha is a native Muscovite. The boy was born on April 30, 2003, in the family of Alexei and Olga Smirnov. Parents studied together at the mechmath of Moscow State University and had no direct relationship to creativity, although my mother graduated from a music school in piano. Michael began singing at the age of 3, and the incident contributed to this: the child was brought to the doctor to help cope with stuttering. The doctor advised me to do vocals, and his prescription turned out to be fateful. The boy not only got rid of the problem but also showed apparent abilities. The first song in his repertoire was "The Song of the Old Cabman." At first, Misha studied with a teacher, Julia Narnitskaya, and at the age of 8, he turned to Lyudmila Pavlovna Simon. The mother, who always attended all the classes with her son and began to understand the intricacies of vocal pedagogy, remained an assistant in the ranks.

By that time, Smirnov was already confidently holding onto the stage, having extensive experience in participating and winning contests. He went to a music school for them. Alexandra Alyabyeva, and choosing between classes, preferred the cello vocals. Since childhood, Mikhail dreamed of becoming a football player, but he understood that he needed to develop in the field of music seriously.


For the first time, Misha tried to achieve fame in 2013 by participating in the show "Voice. Children,"; however, he failed to pass the casting. This did not break the novice musician, but, on the contrary, made him persistently tackle the development of his skill. At this time, he had already begun working in the theater, playing the leading role in the musical "Mowgli." In the next performance, "Treasure Island," Smirnov also got the central part. In 2014, the boy still made his way to "Voice. Children", having deployed the chairs of Pelageya and Dima Bilan at "blind auditions," and failing to restrain tears of joy. Misha chose Pelagia as a mentor and reached the finals with her. Thanks to the show, Smirnov became the favorite of thousands of viewers, which helped him in the selection for Eurovision in 2015. At the contest, the singer was able to qualify for the finale with the song "Dream," eventually taking 6th place.

Since 2017, the performer decided to take up solo work, creating his material. He released ten singles, which subsequently entered the debut album "15" / "DREAMERBØY." Clips shot on four tracks; the most popular was the video for the song "Not Enough," sung with Arina Danilova. The video for the song "Sorry," performed in a duet with Sasha Ice, also collected millions of views.

Personal life

Despite his young age, Misha managed to acquire an army of passionate fans interested in his personal life. The singer is open, friendly, and eager to engage in dialogue with the audience. He does not hide that his girlfriend is Arina Danilova, a participant in the 1st season of "Voices. Children" and the growing video blogger. The guy helps his girlfriend, writes arrangements for her songs, and enjoys creative growth, not competing in views and likes.

Misha Smirnov now

Now Misha continues to be engaged in creativity, working in a symbiosis of EDM, alternative and accessible music. The artist recorded the third album in the spring of 2019. The minion is called "Height" and contains six tracks, music and lyrics to which Smirnov wrote independently. He also develops arrangements of his material and, at the same time, helps other musicians in this. The guy communicates with fans through the social networks "Instagram" and "VKontakte," leading a channel on YouTube. Through these sources, the musician shares new tracks and clips, fresh photos, and exciting biography facts. In March 2019, Misha became a guest of Ksenia Hoffman in an interview with the cannon, where he talked about his relationship with Arina Danilova, creative plans, and hobbies. The singer shared that he had never tried alcohol and drugs and considered this his achievement. In the spring, the musician staged his first solo tour, visiting Samara, Orenburg, Ufa, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Perm. Before this, he participated only in national concerts with the participants of the show "Voice. Children".