Misha Marvin - biography, personal life, news

Published At: 13 August 2020 , 07:16 PM

Career: musician, singer, author

Date of Birth: Jul 15, 1989

Age: 31 years

Place of Birth: Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Growth: 175

Family status: not married


Misha Marvin is a young Russian and Ukrainian singer, songwriter, collaborating with stage masters Timati, Mot, DJ Kahn and others. Launched in 2016, the solo song "I Hate" has become a hit and is popular with young people.

Mikhail was born on July 15, 1989, in the western Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. The future artist spent his childhood and school years in this city. But then the boy goes to the capital Kyiv, as he decided that he would like to devote his life to show business. Mikhail manages to become a student at the State Academy of Leading Cadres of Culture and Arts, where Marvin studied at the Faculty of Musicology. During this period, Mikhail tried himself in creating lyrics and also engaged in musical activities. In the end, the young man was even invited to a new project, working in the style of a boy's team. The guys created their hits, which, although according to Marvin, were too simple, they still sometimes got into rotation on radio stations.

The group even shot several video clips, the first of which for the song "Super Song" cost the team $ 300. But then the project was closed, as it became clear that nothing grandiose would come of it.

Returning to his native Academy, Misha found that the session had already passed, and since the young man did not appear at the exams, he was expelled from the third year. However, the young man was not too upset. Misha has already understood what he would like to do in life. To provide himself with the most necessary, Marvin begins to earn money as a presenter in a karaoke club, and also to promote his lyrics for songs. One of them was the hit "Modest to be out of fashion", which entered the repertoire of the singer Hannah.


In 2013, Misha Marvin met Pavel Kuryanov, who is the CEO of the popular Moscow music label Black Star Inc. This meeting led to cooperation, which influenced the creative biography of the young author. At first, Mikhail created hits for singers Nathan and Mot, for example, Marvin wrote the song "Oxygen", which Mot sang with the group "VIA Gra". Then the Chernivtsi talent, together with Yegor Creed, became the co-author of all the albums of the latter. Two years later, Misha Marvin began to sing himself. The first realized idea to try me as a singer was the composition "Well, what a business." Initially, he planned to perform the song in a duet with DJ Kan, but the famous rapper Timati, upon hearing the track, decided to join the guys. The result is a spectacular trio.

Later, Misha Marvin, together with DJ Kan, released the song "Bitch", and with his friend Mot he recorded the song "Maybe ?!" In the middle of summer 2016, Marvin decided to present the fans with the solo song "I Hate", for which the video was shot. According to the singer, not many believed that the release would be successful. But this hit quickly became popular.

Already in the first hours after its publication on the Internet, the song took first place on the iTunes pop chart, and also hit the top five of the general chart, which also included the musical composition of Timati and Yegor "Where are you, where am I". Within a few weeks, the number of views of the video clip on YouTube exceeded the million mark, which was not the limit. The authority of the Ukrainian musician has grown in the eyes of his colleagues. Offers of cooperation fell on Misha.

Misha plans to release his first solo album, and the singer hopes that the release of the disc will not be delayed.

Personal life

Romantic relationship Mikhail Marvin does not comment on what he says in an interview when journalists ask the musician questions on this topic. But reporters managed to find out that while working in Kyiv in a karaoke bar, Misha had a serious affair with a wealthy Russian woman, who moved from Vladivostok to Ukraine for the sake of her beloved. The relationship did not stand the test of everyday life, and soon the young parted. Marvin was going through a breakup for a long time. At this point, Misha, as reported in his last interview, is not officially married.

Now Mikhail Marvin is trying to strengthen his position of popularity, and for this, he decided to grow as a professional. The performer is studying acting and modern choreography to look more natural in video clips and at concerts. The guy also takes piano lessons, as he is sure that every musician should own a keyboard instrument.

Misha Marvin now

In early February 2018, Misha Marvin struck fans with a photo posted on Instagram, where he appeared with a girl whom he had just proposed. The newly-made groom and the beautiful stranger began to congratulate subscribers, among whom were also colleagues in the music workshop. Soon the singer himself revealed the secret of this picture. The musician went to New York to shoot a new video for the song "With her", and the girl who played the role of his beloved was the American actress Jeanine Casio. The artist participated in the filming of the video and at the same time playing along with the Russian musician.

After the drawing, Misha Marvin thanked his friends and fans for the kind words and congratulations and said that if he decided on a serious relationship, he would not hide his soul mate from the fans. According to the artist's assumptions, a fan of his talent can easily become his girlfriend. In March 2018, the artist took part in the gala concert "Spring on MUZ-TV", where soloists of the musical groups Serebro, "Disco" Crash", "Ivanushki International", Quest Pistols Show and artists performing solo appeared on the stage, - Emin, Sati Casanova, Denis Klyaver, Dominic Joker.