Michelle Andrade: Biography and music career

Published At: 18 February 2020 , 06:44 PM

Before popularity

Until the age of 13, Michelle Andrade lived with her parents in Bolivia. This is for her the kindest and happiest memories because she recalls her favorite dishes of national cuisine, dinner with her family, as well as a large number of guests.

They had to move in 2010 because her father was offered a job in Ukraine. But still, her father had to return to his homeland due to the fact that the grandmother of little Michelle was very seriously ill. But the girl herself with her mother remained to live in Kyiv. She was not limited to studying at school and began her creative career. She went to a music school, studied singing, and learned to play the piano. She had to learn Ukrainian and Russian. By the way, when she was still living in Bolivia, Michelle was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball and even dancing. We can safely say that the girl has radically changed her activities.


The first time they heard about Michelle in 2013. She performed on the Ukrainian show "X-factor". At that time, a beautiful and charming girl was only 17 years old. She perfectly passed the qualifying rounds, and also collected 3/4 of the judges' votes. She was refused only by rapper Serge. But still, later he appreciated her vocals, inviting her to take part in the filming of the film "Gaggio."

Michelle later began working with the MOZGI Entertainment Producer Center. Her finest hour came at the end of 2016 because she participated in a concert that was organized by the television channel M1.

Her first song was a hit! The track “Endless Love” was immediately translated into three languages. But Michelle wrote the Spanish translation with her own hand. After 2 months, she shot a video for this song. He instantly rose to the top trends of the M1 channel and was also nominated for the “Project of the Year” award.

Personal life

Michelle does not open the veil of secrecy about his personal life. However, this does not prevent gossip from overtaking this topic. Many assumed that she was in a relationship with Irakli Makatsaria, they were competitors in shows with dances. However, young people almost immediately made it clear that these were just cheap gimmicks of the press. The singer says that she is not yet familiar with a really worthy guy who would take her heart.

Only the very first relationships of the girl who were 14 years old are known. Michelle had to end this relationship because he was very jealous and controlled the girl. She was very upset by this gap. However, later the girl confessed to one of the interviews and said that she had been with Nikita Lomakin for five years. He was her partner on the X-Factor project. But they were forced to end the relationship, although they relate to each other with warmth.

Interesting Facts

Michelle loves to discover something new in her life. The girl studied languages ​​and knows four languages ​​perfectly. She also studied music, vocals, rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, and even volleyball. She did not stop there, so she was also engaged in acting.

Andrade made several “happy” tattoos on her ears. She admits that they give her strength and faith in herself when it is very much needed.

Michelle loves height and adrenaline in the blood! She loves to perform a variety of tricks during her performance.

The girl first appeared on television in 2013, but a real career began only three years later. She did not believe until the last that she began her career as a singer.