Michael Jackson: Biography and music career

Published At: 10 March 2020 , 03:35 PM

Michael Jackson Biography

Michael Joseph Jackson (1958 - 2009) - American singer, "King of Pop", songwriter, dancer.

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in the city of Gary, Indiana. Michael Jackson, in his biography, began conquering the world with his talent as a child. His father founded The Jackson 5, which included five out of ten children in the Jackson family. Over time, Michael began to stand out among the rest of the participants. And in 1976, the group changed its name, becoming "The Jacksons". In addition to this project, Michael was engaged in a solo career, recording several of his albums ("Got To Be There", "Ben", "Music & Me", "Forever, Michael").

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In 1978, the musical "The Wiz" was shot. And next year the album "Off the Wall" was released, which brought the world fame to the artist. In 1982, the outstanding album "Thriller" was released, which became the best-selling album of all time. Thriller brought eight Grammy awards to Michael (a total of 19 Grammies have been awarded during Jackson's career). During one of his performances in 1983, Michael Jackson first introduced the world to his "moonwalk", which in the future became the hallmark of a talented singer and dancer. And in the video for the song "Smooth Criminal," Jackson showed an anti-gravity tilt.

The next album, Bad, was released in 1987, followed by the first large-scale solo tour. Further albums were: "Dangerous" (1991), "HIStory: Past, Present & Future - Book 1" (1995).

 The famous songs of Michael Jackson are "You Are Not Alone", "Earth Song", "Black or White" and many others. Over time, Jackson's appearance has changed a lot. The skin was lightened; the shape of the nose became different. Jackson himself told the world about only three of his plastic surgeries, although the press indicated more. Further events in the biography of Michael Jackson were adverse. The singer was accused of corruption of minors, and this information was actively covered in the press.

In 2001, Jackson released Invincible, in 2003 - Number Ones, and in 2004 - The Ultimate Collection' Box Set. In 2003, after a search of Jackson's house, he was again charged with seducing minors. After a lengthy trial, in 2005 the singer's innocence was confirmed.

In 2009, the singer planned to release a new album. Jackson also intended to perform a farewell series of concerts. But it was not possible to carry out grandiose plans - the biography of Michael Jackson was cut short on June 25. The death of Michael Jackson shocked not only fans but the whole world.