MF Doom: Biography and music career

Published At: 21 April 2020 , 02:26 PM


MF Doom is one of the most mysterious and concurrently praised figures of the American underground. Throughout his 20-year career, he has not lost popularity, and each of his releases claims to be classics.

In 1988, together with his brother DJ Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid, he founded the band KMD, while still performing as Zev Love X. They were able to get a contract with Elektra and release the album "Mr. Hood" in 1991. However, in 1993, DJ Subroc was hit by a car and died, the label immediately dismissed the band, and Daniel plunged into a deep depression for several years.

In 1997, drawing strength from a burning hatred of the music industry, Dumile created a new image - MF Doom, and in 1999, his debut album "Operation: Doomsday" was released on Fondle Em Records. The release did not raise a lot of money, but became a cult among the underground audience. In 2000, DOOM recorded "MF EP" with MF Grimm, and in 2003 he recorded as many as three releases. The albums "Vaudeville Villain" and "Take Me To Your Leader" were released in solo format (under the pseudonyms Victor Vaughn and King Geedorah), and "Escape from Monsta Island! "Was recorded with the band Monsta Island Czars. At the same time, already in the following 2004, the albums "Venomous Villain" and "Mm .. Food",  and the latter is considered one of the best releases of the Duma at the moment. Also in 2004, the joint album "Special Herbs & Spices" was released with MF Grimm and the joint album with Madlib entitled "Madvillainy". The releases caused such a surge of popularity that DOOM overtook many mainstream artists for a long time.

In 2005, Doom released the album "DANGERDOOM" together with Danger Mouse and began recording another solo album. The release of "Born Like This" was released in 2009, and once again gathered the praise of critics. In 2012, he released "Key To The Kuffs" with Jneiro Jarel, and in 2014, the project "NehruvianDOOM" with the young artist Bishop Nehru. DOOM is currently rumored to be working on a joint album with Ghostface Killah.


Doom releases music on American labels and gives concerts in the USA, but he lives in London, where he was born, and he still does not have US citizenship;

The vocabulary of MF Doom is one of the largest among hip-hop artists; Dumile also uses the densest rhyme, sometimes rhyming to 60% of the whole text;

The Doom's debut album was funded by MF Grimm, and it was recorded in his basement, but in the end, he received no deductions, which caused a beef between them in the mid-2000s;

Daniel often uses dummies and actors who give concerts in his place, and because of the masks, the real Duma can be distinguished only by voice;

In public, MF Doom never takes off his signature mask made from the helmet used on the set of Gladiator;

A significant part of the albums Doom produces independently under the pseudonym Metal Fingers;