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Published At: 23 July 2020 , 06:16 PM

Career: singer, composer

Date of Birth: June 10, 1983

Age: 37 years

Place of Birth: Kazan, Russia

Growth: 160

Family status: divorced


Singer Maxim (MakSim), who previously performed as Maxi-M, is a Russian singer, lyricist, and producer. In 2013, she awarded the honorary title "Honored Artist of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic", and in 2016 - "Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan."

Childhood and youth

The biography of the future star began on June 10, 1983: then the singer was born. Her real name is Marina Abrosimova; her zodiac sign is Gemini. Kazan became the girl's hometown. Marina's parents were far from art; dad worked as a car mechanic; mom was a kindergarten teacher. The elder brother Maxim was brought up in the family, in whose honor the singer later took a creative pseudonym.

Music interested Marina at an early age. The girl studied singing and playing the piano. The singer went to classes in the karate section and received a red belt in this martial art.

Maxim recalls that in her youth, she was an emotional child, and once, after a quarrel with her parents, she even ran away from home. During her absence, the girl filled the first tattoo on her shoulder, which she then completed, turning into an image of a cat. Marina also loved to experiment with hair color. The character of the rebel did not prevent the singer from graduating from KSTU named after. Tupolev, Faculty of Public Relations.


Marina began her initial steps towards her future career while studying at school. As a student, she entered the "Nefertiti Necklace" and "Teen star" contests and wrote her first songs. These were "Winter" and "Alien", " later included in the star's second album.

However, Maxim began a severe approach to his future career at a young age. In 1998, when the girl was only 15 years old, she firmly decided that she would connect her life with singing. But Marina's actions did not end with one decision, and she and the Pro-Z group recorded the first three songs: "Passer-by", "Alien" and "Start". The latter quickly gained popularity in the clubs of Tatarstan, and the first popularity came to the singer.

The song "Start" can be called the star's first serious success. Sometime after its popularization in clubs, the track appeared in the collection "Russian Ten". Instead of Maxim, the performer was the then-popular group "tATu". The mistake of the pirated album's compilers led to the spread of the opinion that Marina was imitating the well-known band.

However, this did not bother Marina, and she confidently continued her promotion. This period in his career cannot be called natural and cloudless. To get at least some money, Maxim collaborated with little-known groups.

The girl writes songs, sometimes records a phonogram, to which other performers perform. Among the more or less well-known bands with which the star collaborated, "Lips" and "Sh-cola" stand out. Marina was the last to write the lyrics for the songs "Cool producer", "I'm flying away like that."

So the singer's creative career lasted until 2003. Then Maxim, together with "Pro-Z", recorded two singles under the names "Difficult age" and "Tenderness". The songs were released on the radio but did not gain popularity. The star did not fold her hands, and a year later published another single, which was the composition "Centimeters of Breathing".

This moment became a turning point in Marina's life. The song quickly gained popularity and took 34th place in the general radio chart in the CIS. After performing several clubs in Kazan, the singer decided to move to Russia's capital.

The conquest of Moscow began with trouble. When Maxim was at the Kazansky railway station, she learned about a sharp change in her relatives' plans, with whom she was supposed to stay. The singer spent eight days on the street, staying in the waiting room overnight and periodically hiding from police officers. Everything ended well. Marina met a girl dancer who offered to rent an apartment together. The singer agreed and lived in this rented apartment for the next six years.

After the move, Maxim begins to prepare material for his debut album. As soon as the preparation completed, the singer started to look for a company to release the project. The choice of the girl stopped at "Gala Records." Marina turned to the organization, providing a video of a concert in St. Petersburg, where an audience of fifteen thousand people sang the song "Difficult Age" with the singer.

Gala Records decided to give the project the green light, and full-scale work on the album began. In 2005, new versions of the songs "Difficult Age" and "Tenderness" recorded clips released for both tracks. After the video's appearance for the latest version of the hit "Tenderness", Maxim comes to real fame. This composition took first place in the chart of the radio station "Golden Gramophone" and stayed there for nine weeks.

Personal life

The star's relationship with the opposite sex can hardly be called happy. Marina made several attempts to acquire family happiness, but none had a "happy ending".

During the video "Letting go," there were rumors that the star was dating one of the actors involved in the project. This actor was Denis Nikiforov, but the stars did not confirm or refutation these rumors.

The first husband, Maxim, is the sound engineer Alexei Lugovtsov. The couple played the wedding in Bali in 2008. The newlyweds did not postpone the appearance of a joint child on the back burner, and on March 8, 2009, Alexander's daughter was born. Unfortunately, family happiness not destined to last more than three years. In 2011, a divorce took place. For almost a year, Marina did not comment on the situation, but in the end, she decided to share her fortune on Oksana Pushkina's program "Women's View" and in an interview.

The star said that one bad experience for her did not put an end to love and relationships. According to the girl, family and children are the main things in a person's life. Also, Maxim noticed that periodic clarifications of relations between the spouses hurt her work. According to the singer, although the breakup became stressful, she was finally able to immerse herself in action on the songs entirely.

After marriage, the singer had a little romance with the lead singer of the Animal Jazz group Alexander Krasovitsky, but the relationship did not develop into something serious.

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