Maxim: Biography and music career

Published At: 11 March 2020 , 02:59 PM

Biography Maxim

Maxim (Marina Sergeevna Abrosimova) - Russian singer. 

The date of birth of the singer Maxim is June 10, 1983. The singer was born in Kazan, Maxim is the name of the singer's brother, and Maximova is the mother's maiden name.

Passion for music in the biography of singer Maxim manifested itself back in school. In her youth, she participated in contests "Teen star", "Necklace Nefertiti", and was engaged in vocals in the circle of Kazan. She also devoted a lot of time to sports - she was keen on karate Ju-tzutsu (red belt).

The first songs of the singer Maxim ("Head," "Alien") brought her great fame in Kazan. Performances followed this in Khabarovsk, Yakutsk, Murmansk. Taking the pseudonym Maksim, the singer was dedicated entirely to recording the first album. For the record, I signed a contract with S.B.A. / Gala Records.

Thanks to sincerity, emotionality, and at the same time incendiary, the first album "Difficult Age" gained great popularity. Since then, many songs and videos, most of the scenarios for which the singer herself has come up with, have become hits.

So far, only two albums have been released in the biography of singer Maxim. However, they were sold in record runs - the first ("Hard Age," 2006) 1.5 million copies, the second ("My Paradise," 2007) - 0.5 million.