Matt Ox: Biography and Intereseting facts about his life

Published At: 20 March 2020 , 05:56 PM


The presence of very young artists in hip-hop music has long been no longer unusual. Moreover, precisely in view of their so small age, these same rappers cannot force them to take themselves seriously. Well, not everyone succeeds in resisting, even banal criticism. But with the performer Matt Ox the story will give a different course, given that there are all the prerequisites for this.

He keeps his age a secret, but in the publications that have already written about him, he is designated in the region from 11 to 13 years. The career of the guy who was inspired by Eminem and Marilyn Manson went uphill when he was contacted by rapper F1lthy from the Hangout on WorkingHe became a kind of manager for the Philadelphia nugget, drove him the hot bits, and thought out how to better promote the product. Success came with the track and video Overwhelming,”  which has so far gained nearly 10 million.

By his age, Matt gives the impression that he is still more a rapper than a meme. And in the near future, he will probably be able to prove this by releasing his debut mixtape.


Meek Mill wanted to sign Matt Ox on his label, but the guy declined the offer;

The guy became interested in music at the age of 5 when he fell into the hands of the old albums of Eminem and Marilyn Manson.

At age 6, Matt tries to record his first tracks on his phone and put them on the Internet under the pseudonym DB Matt.

The clip for the track “Overwhelming,” released on May 21, 2017, and gained 15 million views in 4 months, became widely known to the teenager.

Wildly popular spinner toys play a significant role in his career.

Being a schoolboy, despite his hyperactivity and complex character, he fell in love with exact sciences, including mathematics.

In September 2013, Matthew opened his YouTube channel called “db_matt,” where he started uploading videos where he dances and rapes on camera. In the same period, the boy founded the Dollarboyz association with his friends.