Mary Gu - biography, songs, personal life

Published At: 19 July 2020 , 07:03 PM

Career: Singer, blogger

Date of Birth: August 17, 1993

Age: 26 years

Place of Birth: Pohvistnevo, Russia

Family status: married


Mary Gu is a Russian singer and blogger who has become famous on social networks to cover versions of songs by famous artists.

Subsequently, the content of the girl's blogs changed - Mary's work began to prevail in it, but this only increased in popularity.

Childhood and youth

Maria Bogoyavlenskaya (maiden name - Gusarova) was born on August 17, 1993. Masha's childhood was happy, although she grew up in an incomplete family. The girl's mother, according to her, was in a tense relationship both with herself and with the law, so her grandmother mainly raised the future singer.

When Masha was five years old, she became interested in music and began to beg her grandmother to buy her a piano. After purchasing the instrument, the girl sent to a music school, where she studied for 12 years - 7 years in the piano class and another five years in the pop-jazz vocal department. During this period, Mary's first performances on stage took place.

The performer says about herself that she was a shy and obedient child, but when she grew up, her grandmother had to become stricter. The girl liked music, but classes at a music school became more complicated, and Masha did not like it. It got to the point that Masha sealed the piano cover with tape in protest. Now the singer is sincerely grateful to her grandmother because she was able to overcome her teenage rebellion.

Thanks to her studies, from the age of 16, the girl began to teach vocals - the leader, noticing that Masha was drawn to pedagogy, gave her a group.

At the age of 18, after graduating from school, Masha left the city of Pokhvistnevo, in which she spent her childhood, to Samara. The reason for the move was the desire to get a higher musical education. In 2011, the girl entered the SGIK in the direction of pop music, and after four years, she received a diploma of higher education.

Music and Poems

Since childhood, Masha had known that music would become her craft and had never intended to do anything else. She also got acquainted with poetry early - she tried to write her first poems in the 3rd grade and fully returned to poetry at the age of 21.

Performing the first covers, the girl did not even know that they were so-called. Masha just got a phone with a camera, and she began to take pictures of herself while singing her favorite songs. And when the Internet added to the phone, she began to share her work on social networks under the nickname Mary Gu. In the creative biography of Masha, there is repeated participation in castings for musical projects and shows. In particular, she auditioned for the SEREBRO group, and the main reason for this was an interest in Maxim Fadeev. In 2015, Mary's subscribers on Instagram found out that the girl went to audition on the Voice show.

However, the castings were unsuccessful. Today, the girl recognizes the experience of refusals as bitter, but she learned to look at what is happening differently: she realized that each show has its format, and a person's talent means little there. According to Masha, she will no longer participate in such projects, even if she called. Success came to the girl when she made a cover version of the song "Madness" by the famous Russian rapper Oksimiron. The combination of hard and sometimes obscene text with a piano arrangement, female vocals, and attractive appearance led Internet users to delight.

This song was not the only Machine processing songs of this style - the girl considers male rap's performance by a female voice an excellent way to interest the audience. Soon, users became interested not only in covers performed by Mary Gu but also in her work. Thanks to the support of fans in 2017, the girl released her debut video for the song "I'm a melody."

Since Mary Gu is an independent and non-standard project, the performer does not have a lot of funds, and the second video filmed only a year later. The clip for the song "Sad Motive" from the beginning to the end made in red colors and the singer said that she was tired of it in the end. In this video, Masha, in addition to singing, demonstrated that she also knows how to dance.

In 2018, Mary Gu's debut mini-album, also called "The Sad Motive," was released. It includes four tracks: in addition to the title composition, the songs "disney", "Hello," and "I Melody" were recorded for the album.

Personal life

During her life, Mary Gu has repeatedly moved: first to Samara, then to Moscow, after her to St. Petersburg, and eventually returned to the capital. In the singer's personal life in 2018, significant changes took place - Masha got married.

The girl met her husband by chance. To perform in St. Petersburg, Mary Gu needed a guitarist, whom she managed to find thanks to Instagram. And along with the guitarist came drummer Dmitry Bogoyavlensky, with whom Masha eventually began an affair.

Mary gu now

Maria is a famous blogger and says that social networks are the primary way for her to share her work and promote it. Thanks to the subscribers, Mary Gu videos were shot, and the project itself continues to exist and gain more and more popularity.

In her blogs on Instagram and VKontakte, the singer regularly publishes photos and home recordings of new songs and covers. The listeners' opinion is essential for the girl, and she periodically reminds fans that the best support for her is likes, reposts, and, of course, comments.