Marshmello: Biography and music career

Published At: 06 April 2020 , 07:03 PM

Marshmello BIOGRAPHY

Marshmello (from English marshmallow - "marshmallow") is an American DJ and music producer. In 2017, he took 10th place in the list of the best DJs in the world according to DJ Magazine. In 2018, the position in the ranking did not change.

Marshmello's identity remains unknown, although there has been speculation that he is an American DJ Chris Comstock, also known as Dotcom because they both have the same names, birthdays, tattoos, and identical musical styles.

His musical style includes a recess-oriented synthesizer and bass-heavy electronic dance music. Inspired by other masked DJs like Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, Marshmello wears a marshmallow mask that conceals the exterior. Despite his anonymity, his career gained international acclaim in 2015 when he began releasing remixes of singles by other DJs, including a remix of Zedd's single "Beautiful Now", Jack Ü "Where Are Ü Now" and others, as well as his own single "Alone. "

Marshmello participated in New York's Pier 94, Pomona, California's HARD Day of the Dead festival, and Miami Music Week festivals. In 2016, Marshmello released a compilation of his previously released tracks, Joytime, which finished fifth in the US Billboard Dance / Electronic Albums chart. The album also included the single "Keep It Mello" featuring rapper Omar LinX.

Instagram Feed Me posted a photo showing Marshmello without a helmet in a mirror reflection. DJ took it off and handed it to Feed Me for a photo.


Marshmello recorded a joint track with the indie band Bastille, and the result was very pleased fans of both artists. Bastille themselves said that the track was recorded a year ago, but because of its strong melancholy tone, it was decided to turn the track into a collaboration.

Marshmello helped the band find something cheerful even in a potentially sad track like "Happier".