Mariana Ro - biography, information, personal life

Published At: 29 June 2020 , 08:37 PM

Career: singer, video blogger

Date of Birth: October 7, 1999

Age: 20 years

Place of Birth: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

Growth: 155

Family status: Single


Maryana Ro (real name is Maryana Rozhkova) is a well-known video blogger, one of the leaders of the Russian YouТube, as well as an aspiring actress. In a short time, she managed to win a massive army of fans and make her name famous among bloggers. And over time, this hobby turned into a career and helped her develop singing talent.

Childhood and youth

Maryana Rozhkova was born in October 1999 in the Far East with successful business people. In addition to her, the youngest daughter Maresya brought up in the family.

As a child, Rozhkova lived in her native Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. When the daughter turned nine years old, the family moved to Japan in Sapporo, where the parents have their own business.

Personal life

Mariana Ro met Ivan Rudsky quite by accident. Once she saw his photo on social networks and did not suspect that this was her colleague, a video blogger, posted his picture on a page on VKontakte. The girl signed it like this: "Oh my god, I fell in love."

Information on social networks distributed instantly. The tidbits brought Ivangai. He immediately found a colleague. The word for word and an online romance ensued. And the couple met in Japan, where Ivan arrived. Rumor has it that in the summer of 2015, they returned to Moscow together.

There was even a rumor about their marriage. The girl herself threw firewood into this fire, posting a photo where she and Vanya choose wallpaper. Nevertheless, the relationship between the couple was far from ideal. Maryana Roe sometimes converged, then parted with the guy, lovers swore, sorted out connections on social networks, and scandalized in front of subscribers.

At the end of 2016, Maryana and Ivangay again drew attention to their pair of ongoing online skirmishes. As a result, quarrels and squabbles bothered both, and on December 27, 2016, Ivangay announced that they had finally parted with Mariyana Ro.

After that, some time passed, and the fans began to figure out who would become Mariana Ro's new boyfriend. On September 28, 2017, the public on the VKontakte social network called Rhymes and Punches reported that musician Ivan Dremin, known by his nickname Face, was dating Mariyana Ro. Another rumor about a new relationship was provoked by Maryana, who posted on the Internet her correspondence with the Norwegian actor Herman Tommeraas.

Later, Mariyana stopped hiding her relationship with Faith. At the same time, she did not stop generating new rumors around her person. Having posted a picture on Instagram where her interesting position was visible, the girl caused a lot of comments. Moreover, some perceived this news negatively, while others congratulated on the imminent addition to the family. And everyone did not stop wondering who the father of the child was.

And after a short period, Maryana posted a video on the YouTube channel, in which she dispelled the rumor that she was pregnant, showing her false stomach. According to the girl, this was an experiment proving that people are not getting into their own business and give advice that they not asked about.

The blog

The creative biography of Mariana Ro began in adolescence. In 2012, Rozhkova, who turned 13 years old, registered a personal channel on YouTube. After two years, in September 2014, her channel had 30 thousand subscribers, and a month later, they added 20 thousand more. In July 2015, 1,200,000 subscribers watched Maryana Ro's video blog.


In 2016, Mariana Ro recorded the song "Idiots," in which she spoke about her relationship with Ivangai. This is a lyrical and romantic song in which the blogger called them with Ivangai "idiots in love" and spoke fondly of the chosen one.

In 2017, the singer recorded the track "Farewell," in which she sings about breaking up with Ivangay. In the video for the sad song, the blogger showed a cut from the video where Maryana and Ivangay spend time together.

Soon the mood in the songs of Maryana Ro changed. The girl recorded a rap song "Diss On Ivangaya # Vanyapok," in which she turned to an ex-boyfriend. According to Maryana, the girl no longer suffers due to parting. On the contrary, a break in relations helped her to record a video in the form of a remix in which the video blogger cries and repeats the phrase, "I'm tired." He brought her new followers and encouraging comments from old fans.

Then the list of her works was replenished with another track and a clip "Megazstar," in which she talks about herself in a comic form. In the video, Rozhkova has vivid images and make-up; on different frames, the girl's lips decorated with either fluorescent paint, then sugar, or rhinestones. She also selected immodests for video immodest.

In 2018, Rozhkova again stated in an interview about fatigue and prolonged depression. At the same time, she regularly asked about the release of new videos. At such moments, the girl regretted publicity, wanting to remain unrecognizable for at least a minute. The problems in his personal life were also evidenced by the video "Help me" that was soon released. True, the next video for the song in English Cartier ("Cartier") had a different meaning.

In the spring of next year, Maryana appeared in a commercial for depilation strips. It was not just an advertisement, but a whole clip in which the blogger tells through the song "Whack how cool it is!" How these products can be easily and quickly taken care of. The video turned out to be fun and bright after the web appeared a clip for the song Surprise.

Mariana released her first studio album in late spring 2019. He received the name "Princess" and consisted of eight tracks. The girl presented two of them earlier as singles, the rest - new ones that fans heard for the first time.

At the end of the summer of 2019, Maryana released an incendiary clip for the song "Snow," where she took a shot while walking around the city and shopping centers. Fans especially liked the refrain with the words "Where did you buy these crosses - apricot-colored crosses," and a week later, she performed in a St. Petersburg club.

The track "Black Roses" provoked no less positive feedback; listeners noted that the girl's voice sounds unusual in it.

Mariana Roh now

In February 2020, Mariyana became an involuntary participant in the Comment Out program, broadcast on YouTube. Its participants that day were Yegor Creed and blogger Vlad Paper. The show's purpose is to write an unpleasant comment under the photo on Instagram of a famous person whose name the participants are not looking to pull from a typical pile. Anyone who refuses to write performs one of the punishments, which also contradicts common sense.

At random, Creed got the name Rozhkova. The singer did not hesitate to write the girl a text in which she "reproached" Mariyana for eating alabai taken from the shelter without him. The blogger appreciated the joke and answered the artist in the same comic form, writing that next time she would invite Yegor to the barbecue.

The name of Maryana now regularly pops up in the headlines of news feeds. In mid-February 2020, she attended a party to mark the opening of Anna Dziuba's beauty salon. Together with her, Julia Baranovskaya, Irina Nelson, Natalie Yashchuk, Julianna Karaulova, and others attended the event.