Mariah Carey: Biography and music career

Published At: 10 February 2020 , 10:37 AM


Mariah Carey is an American show business star, singer, music producer, actress, songwriter, philanthropist.

Childhood and youth

Mariah was born in March 1970 in the family of engineer Alfred Roy Carey and opera singer Patricia Hickey. According to the zodiac sign Aries. Carey inherited vocal data from her mother, who also helped her daughter with her first vocal lessons. The marriage of the parents did not last long; already in 1973, the man left his wife and three children.

Unambiguously determine the nationality of Carey will not work. The fact is that her father was a Venezuelan of African descent, and her mother was a third-generation American Irish.

Mariah Carey in childhood

After the divorce, Mariah's mother forced to work on several jobs to make ends meet. Carey's older brothers started earning money early, so the girl was often left to her own devices.

Children's loneliness influenced the character of the future singer. She skipped school, refused to do housework, disappeared with friends. After school, Mariah decided not to continue her studies. The girl went to New York to try to make a career as a singer. At first, Carey worked as a backing vocalist and worked as a waitress in a diner.


Mariah did everything possible to find a guide to the world of the music business. They became Tommy Motoll, with whom the singer began to collaborate since 1990. The producer helped Mariah record the album Mariah Carey, which was a resounding commercial success.

The next album "Emotions", released in 1991, added to the girl's popularity. Carey married Motolla shortly before the release of her third studio album, "Musicbox," in 1993. The most popular single from this disc was the song "Hero" ("Hero"). Carey performed this song in 2009 at the inauguration of the forty-fourth US President Barack Obama.

Mariah Carey - "Hero"

Mariah began her musical work in the genre of pop and R&B, but, measuring her artistic growth with current musical trends, the singer started to perform compositions with hip-hop elements. Her first album with a new repertoire was Rainbow. Famous personalities such as Basta Rimes, Jay Z, David Foster, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliott participated in recording songs with hip-hop elements. Fans of Cary's soulful vocals did not expect the singer to change her repertoire and manner of performance; they began to show less interest in her work.

Some decline in the career of the artist did not prevent her compositions from continuing to lead the charts.

In 1991, Mariah Carey received her first Grammy Award.

In the late nineties, the artist not only recorded music albums but also took acting lessons. In 1999, the first film with Carey released, it was called "The Bachelor". From 1999 to 2013, the actress starred in almost a dozen paintings. Clips featuring Carey began to collect more views thanks to her new acting skills. In 2001, Carey suffered a nervous breakdown due to a creative crisis.

The situation changed by the success of the album "Emancipation Of Mimi", released in 2005. Mariah returned to her former glory and popularity. In 2006, the singer went on a concert tour, which was the most successful in her entire career. A full house and audience delight accompanied each Carey concert.

Mariah Carey - "After Tonight"

In 2010, Mariah recorded her second Christmas album. The disc is called "Merry Christmas You." To record one of the Christmas singles, Carey drew on the teen idol who was Justin Bieber at the time. Together they performed the song "All I Want for Christmas" and filmed a clip in a festive style.

In the same year, the singer found out that she was pregnant. Mariah returned to her career and touring career in 2013.

Mariah Carey - "Without You"

When Mariah was just taking her first steps in American show business, Whitney Houston was his bright and recognized queen. The fantastic vocal data of the two women made them objects for comparison. The American press has repeatedly published articles on the hostility of two singers. The situation changed when in 1998, Carey and Houston's duet recorded the soundtrack for the cartoon "Prince of Egypt." The joint work of the singers on the song "When you believe" became stalactite and the beginning of an advertising campaign that refutes rumors of enmity between Mariah and Whitney.

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston - "When You Believe"

Joint photos, appearing in identical dresses at musical award ceremonies and interviews were to prove to everyone that the performers of romantic songs were on friendly terms.

After the tragic death of Whitney from an overdose of alcohol and antidepressants, Mariah gave an interview in which she regretted the loss of the great singer and girlfriend.

Personal life

Mariah Carey married for the first time in 1993 to her music producer Tommy Mottola. In 1997, the couple announced a divorce. By that time, Carey was already a famous singer, and her personal life interesting fans no less than her work. The artist's admirers at different times were Christian Monson, Louis Miguel, Marcus Schenkenberg, Eminem, Derek Jeter. After a series of short novels, Mariah regained family happiness.

Mariah Carey with her first husband

The second wife of Carey was singer Nick Cannon. The couple married in April 2008. The second husband of the singer was ten years younger than the chosen one. From this marriage, the artist has children. Diverse twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott were born in April 2011.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Presumably, Mariah conceived the children thanks to the in vitro fertilization procedure. The information has repeatedly appeared on the Web that the singer has infertility, she was treated for a long time and tried IVF more than once, but each time it failed. Fans believe that it is for these reasons that Carey has recovered so much.

The Carey and Cannon family lasted about six years. Three years after the birth of the twins, the couple filed for divorce. The singer was so worried about the breakup with Cannon that she lost her voice for a while.

Mariah Carey with children

In early 2016, it became known that the artist was engaged to billionaire James Parker. The couple's relationship began in mid-2015. After the engagement, Mariah and her children moved into the house to Parker. The singer was preparing for the wedding, scheduled for the summer, bought an expensive dress, made a list of guests. According to one version, lovers even managed to draw up a prenuptial agreement.

The wedding did not take place; the relationship between Carey and Parker ended. There is an opinion that the cause of the break was Mariah's infidelity. In February 2017, the release of the song "I don't," which dedicated to Carey's failed engagement, was released.

Mariah Carey and James Parker

At a concert in 2017, the singer simply stunned her fans by appearing on stage in a sexy body with a weight of 120 kg. But the fans hastened to justify her, suggesting that she could not move away from the break with James Parker.

Mariah Carey and Brian Tanaka

At the end of 2016, the singer confirmed that she had a love affair with a dancer from her team. Brian Tanaka beautifully built and 13 years younger than his passion. The singer is not shy about the appearance of their joint photos on Instagram; some of them are spicy. Friends of the singer believe that Mariah wants to connect her future life with Tanaka, despite the age of the dancer.

Mariah Carey Now

In September 2017, Mariah Carey conducted a tour of her wardrobe for the American edition of Vogue magazine. The singer has an incredible collection of bags, shoes and underwear. The singer loves her corsets and peignoirs so much that she allocated a separate room for them. But even more, space is allocated for shoes: she has over 1000 pairs of shoes.

At the end of 2017, information appeared on the Web that the singer decided on a desperate step to losing weight. The mark on the scales of 120 kg did not please her at all. The woman did sleeve gastroplasty - an operation to remove part of the stomach. Thanks to this procedure, a person's appetite decreases, and, accordingly, he loses weight faster.

The results did not have to wait long. The star quickly lost weight, so much so that they began to suspect her of abusing Photoshop. At the moment, the pop diva is in great shape - with a height of 175 cm, her weight is about 64 kg.

And in May 2018, it became known that the singer decided to say goodbye not only to extra pounds but also to her failed past. Mariah sold the ring, which she received as a gift from her fiancé - billionaire James Parker. She managed to earn $ 2.1 million for him, while Parker at one time cost $ 7.5 million.

Also in 2018, Mariah Carey became a nominee for the Golden Globe Award for her performance of the song for the animated film Guiding Star. By the way, a funny thing happened with the singer at the ceremony. During one of the breaks, she left the hall, and when she returned, she did not sit in her place. Meryl Streep occupied the first vacant seat next to Steven Spielberg. After the incident, the singer apologized to the actress publicly on Twitter, to which Streep said in response that "she can take her place at any time."

Now the singer is recording new compositions, regularly arranges tours, participates in shows and television programs.


2016 was a challenging year for Carey, which was only worth the failed marriage with James Parker. The end of a leap year brought even more problems. New Year's performance in Times Square in New York, dedicated to the 2017 meeting, caused a wave of negative criticism of the singer. Mariah was the victim of broken equipment, as a result of which fans found out that she portrayed singing to the soundtrack.

Mariah Carey shocked with a performance under the phonogram

Carey was shocked that she could not adequately perform, and left the stage. In an instant, hundreds of mocking fan posts in Times Square circled the Internet. The next morning, the Internet and newspapers in all their colors described the failure of Mariah Carey.

The event organizers refused to be held responsible for what happened. And Carey decided to pursue a career, despite failures in the past.

Already in November 2017, Mariah was again at the center of the scandal. The singer accused of racism and harassment. One of her guards said that Carey allegedly allowed herself offensive language that humiliates people on a national basis. And once she asked him to bring a suitcase to her hotel room, where she met a man in a translucent outfit and tried to persuade him to have sex.

The singer's lawyers tried to resolve this issue in the pre-trial order. According to the TMZ portal, the security guard offered the amount to resolve the conflict, but he decided that it was not enough.