Manager Wack 100 Explains Why He Doesn’t View Nipsey Hussle As A Hip-Hop Legend

Published At: 03 December 2019 , 10:09 AM

"Was he on his way? I think in time, yes, he would have been. But I thought at the time of his death? Let's keep it real."

Nipsey Hussle's legacy has only risen since he killed last year, but some figures in hip-hop are opposing labelling him a legend. After first marking his view on Nipsey's status back in October, The Game and Blueface's director, Wack 100, continued to make a stir by telling TMZ that while Nipsey's legacy was commendable, he doesn't fit as a legend.

"If Dr Dre right now died. We would tell we lost a legend. Is it based upon what? Numbers. Body of work," he stated. "How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album. This not no personal shit I'm speaking about; this is quite real shit. The man died with one million followers; no Platinum hits, no radio hits, right? No world tours."

As Wack 100 views it, Nipsey's impact increased exponentially because of his death. "After he died, he went Platinum; his followers went up 19 million, sold a bunch of records, his followers went up 19 million," he said. "First of all, we gotta explain what a fucking legend is and what a fucking legend ain't. Did he on his way? I thought within time, yes, he would have been. But I assume at the time of his demise, let's keep it real. The fact can never define as disrespect. If it is, that indicates you are lying to your motherfucking self."

While his view on the "legend" label is subjective, Wack 100's statements about Nipsey's career are mostly correct. The rapper did not have any RIAA-certified hits at the time of his death and had released his debut album, Victory Lap, just over one year before. The project gained him a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album. While it technically amounted to his decent debut album, he had earlier made headlines for selling copies of his mixtapes for large amounts of money.

He earlier discussed the issue during an exhibition on the No Jumper podcast, saying many of Nipsey's followers are bandwagon fans. "He did not die an A-list artist. You all speaking about he's a legend. If he is a legend, why did not y'all treat him like that when he was alive?" Wack 100 earlier told No Jumper. "I think like Nipsey should have been a greater artist personally. But where the hell was all you diehard followers meanwhile Nipsey wanted you to promote his product?"

The term "legend" is often contentious in the music industry, with fans and artists' peers regularly applying very different criteria.