Lil Pump - Gucci Gang: New Hip Hop Culture Clip

Published At: 22 December 2019 , 08:48 PM

17-year-old Gazzi Garcia, aka Lil Pump, released a video for his fifth single, Gucci Gang (Gucci Gang).

In 2017, fans of Lil Pampa suggested that he had an affair with 14-year-old Danielle Bregoli or, as she is called in Russia, "a Western analog of Diana Shurygina ." The girl became famous after the transfer of Dr. Phil Show, where she talked about how she steals cars and provokes people to fights. Now on her Instagram, more than 10 million subscribers. However, it isn't straightforward to assert the relationship between the two scandalously famous idols of youth.

The adherent of the stile trap-lo-fi style, as usual, boasts a luxurious lifestyle and skill in organizing parties. 

In a luxury car, he arrives at school, but does not go to classes, but leads to the tiger class, supplies his classmates with alcohol and distributes packages of grass to everyone.

Discover all. Rf wants to add: the young rapper made a loud statement about himself in early 2017 with the help of a viral video for the song "D Rose." In less than six months, the video called over 25 million views on YouTube. Russian listeners Lil Pump is also known as the creator of a new word from modern slang - "eshkere". In fact, in his song, the rapper shouted "ESSKEETIT" (short for "Let's get it," which translates as "come on, get it"), but the Russian-language adaptation went to the people.

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