Lena Katina (singer) - biography, photos, personal life

Published At: 20 June 2020 , 07:22 AM

Career: singer

Date of Birth: October 4, 1984

Age: 35 years

Place of Birth: Moscow, USSR

Height: 162

Family status: divorced


Lena Katina is the very redhead of Tatu, a group that has achieved such worldwide recognition that only today's Russian performers can only dream of. "Not gonna get us!" shouted even those who did not know Russian. Now the singer is developing the international solo project Lena Katina and falls into the top ranks of ratings.

Childhood and youth

Lena, according to the zodiac sign of Libra, was born in Moscow in the family of the composer Sergei Katin, the creator of the Dune band, songwriter Larisa Dolina, Marina Khlebnikova and other Russian stars. After the parents divorced, the stepfather and mother, the pianist Inessa Vsevolodovna, were engaged in raising the girls and her younger sister. The grandmother from the father's side, Asya Nikitichna, an artist by profession, also helped.

Since childhood, the artist has grown active, so it decided to give her to sport to direct energy into a useful channel. His hobbies included figure skating and swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, and horse riding.

A little later, an innate musical talent appeared. Little Lena began to learn to play the piano, then she sang for three years in the children's vocal group "Avenue." In the end, fate brought Katina in the legendary ensemble "Fidget," nurtured by Julia Volkova, Sergey Lazarev, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, Vlad Topalov. With this team, Lena participated in festivals and competitions for children.

In 1999, music producer Ivan Shapovalov decided to create a new project, called "Tatu." At the casting, only Elena Katin was selected, who at that time turned 15 years old. The girl was suitable in external parameters - short stature (162 cm), red curly hair, big eyes, and also arranged the producer as a vocalist. When the leaders considered it advisable to turn Tatu into a duet, Lena had already begun rehearsals and invited Julia Volkova.

By the way, despite her incredible creative workload, Katina graduated in absentia from the Moscow Institute of Humanities and Economics and graduated with a degree in psychology.

Personal life

Lena repeatedly tried to arrange her personal life, but the companions came not from show business, and the relationship did not work out. The first did not understand the specifics of the artist's work; he believed that the girl was having fun and not making money. The second spoke in a commanding tone and demanded that obey his instructions implicitly. The third one was in no hurry to call the singer to the registry office, and he completely changed it openly. Only after the seventh attempt did she realize that she had met true love.

Lena met her husband - Slovenian rock musician Sasho Kuzmanovich in early youth but forgot about it. A new meeting took place ten years later in Los Angeles. Sasho made an offer on the ocean in Malibu during a romantic dinner. Especially for this, the young man learned a couple of phrases in Russian. In the summer of 2013, Lena Katina officially married.

The lovers played two magnificent weddings - both in Slovenia and in Russia. In 2015, the couple became the parents of a boy who was named Alexander. The actress dreamed of a daughter and even came up with her name - Anna. In 2019, the family broke up; the son stayed with his mother. Sasho and Lena filed for divorce secretly, the PR director of the singer confirmed rumors leaked to the media.

Life in Hollywood made you look good. Katina did not go on diets but did yoga and still bravely shows off on Instagram a slim figure in a swimsuit. In the archives of the publication, "Maxim" and stored more candid photos.

After spending five years in the States, the artist returned to Moscow. Lena never wanted to live in a foreign country. 

Solo career

Work in a musical duet became for Lena Katina, an essential stage in her creative biography. Soloists initially received $ 100 per concert, with age, it realized that stunning popularity costs more. Lawyers "beat out" for singers the percentage of sales and performances. Lena invested earned in real estate.

For the first time, Katina thought about her solo career when she went on Volkov'sVolkov's decree. Together with her father, she recorded a demo in the studio. None of the participants named specific reasons for the final breakup of the group. According to Lena, the matter is not a quarrel, but the versions voiced in the press do not correspond to reality.

The co-founder of Tatu Boris Rensky invited the girl to record an album. Under the name Lena Katina, she moved to the United States, rented a studio in the Hollywood Hills, rewrote old songs, and offered listeners new creations. The first solo song of Lena was Waiting; then, together with the Mexican rock band Belanova, the artist recorded the hit Tic Toc. Katina dedicated the Keep on Breathing ballad to people affected by the disaster in Japan in the spring of 2011. The biggest hit was dedicated to Yulia Volkova Never Forget, who topped the main Billboard world chart. Thus, the singer repeated her success with the duo "Tatu," because the song Not Gonna Get Us was already rising to the first line in America. By the way, none of the musicians from the CIS countries have so far succeeded.

In 2012, a video released for the duet of Lena Katina and Clark Owen Melody. In the same year, the singer visited St. Petersburg, where she performed in the program of the Queer Culture Festival "Queerfest 2012""—soon followed by the premiere of the song "I Will Be Near" (Shot), which Katina performed with R'n'B-singerR'n'B-singer T-Killah, as well as the musical composition Paradise, recorded to the music of Sergey Galoyan.

An undoubted triumph for Lena Katina'sKatina's solo career was the performance at a concert in Los Angeles at the Halloween carnival. Soon, a joint return with Julia Volkova took place in the capital of Romania, as well as the re-release of the first album of the group "Tatu." In 2014, the artists performed at the opening of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, where they played the song "They won't catch up with us," and later recorded the track "Love In Every Moment." But the continuation of a joint career did not work; the girls again turned to personal projects.