Legal Filing Claims Nearly 5,000 People Were Injured In Astroworld Disaster

Published At: 13 May 2022 , 12:22 PM

Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival saw nearly 5,000 people injured, almost double the previous estimates of 2,800.

A new legal filing was listed earlier this week, that claims there were 4,932 victims, with 732 of them needing extensive medical treatment, 1,649 who needed less extensive care and 2,540 whose injuries are still pending review.

The filing comes from attorneys Jason Itkin, Richard Mithoff and Sean Roberts with an aim to coordinate the law firms, lawyers and victims involved. 

Litigation over the disaster began in January, with over 387 separate cases and over 2,800 victims. By February, the cases were combined into a single lawsuit, with claims being filed daily.

A spokesperson for the rapper said that he was unfairly blamed for the tragedy, stating, “It’s very clear that the tide is turning as the authorities and public conversation has been focused on concert operators and security contractors rather than performers."

In the tragedy, 10 people were killed, including a 9-year-old when 50,000 attendees began to push toward the stage. 

In an interview with Charlamagne The God following the incident, Scott stated, "At the end of the day, these fans are like family so you feel like you just lost something. You do these shows, honestly, for people to have the best experience and just to think that something like this happen, you just try to figure out ... just wrap everything around."

The backlash from the incident was extensive, with Coachella dropping Travis Scott as a headliner for their 2022 event, as well as Scott presumably losing a range of unannounced festival slots around the globe. 

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