Lady Gaga showed how screaming she takes an ice bath

Published At: 03 March 2020 , 12:37 PM

In between filming her new video, Lady Gaga took a bathtub filled to the brim with ice.

The actress showed fans in her Instagram account how she saved from the sultry heat in the middle of the desert. Gaga gathered her hair into a bun and pasted patches under her eyes. On these frames, the artist appeared entirely without makeup. For the sake of a spectacular picture in the video for the song Stupid Love, she had to make significant sacrifices, and the ice bath became one of the refreshing procedures.

The singer said that she was sitting in an ice bath because of a strong love for her fans. In the next video, she, shouting loud music, said that she loves her "monsters" (in this way the performer addresses the fans).

Gaga also shared a video where she poses with other actors from the video. The star appeared in a pink suit from a sconce and shorts with a large chain. Fans showered their idol with pleasant comments and noted that they were pleased about Gaga's return to the stage.

Earlier, Lady Gaga released a beauty kit for fans of the movie "A Star Is Born ."