Lady Gaga: Biography and music career

Published At: 14 February 2020 , 10:45 AM


Lady Gaga is an American singer, designer, producer, and actress. Now the world-famous star has the title of the most influential musician. For shocking performances, she awarded the nicknames Lady Epatage and Lady Monster.

She became the subject of scientific dissertations in psychology and cultural studies.

"I do not meet generally accepted standards of beauty. But I was never upset about this. I am writing music. And I want to convey to my fans: what they can offer the world is much more important than how they look."

Childhood and youth

Lady Gaga was born under the zodiac sign Aries in 1986 in New York. The singer's full name is Stephanie Joan Angelina Germanotta. She is the first child of a family of entrepreneurs Cynthia Bisset and Joseph Germanotta, Italians by nationality. Stephanie has a sister who is six years younger.

At four years old, the future Lady Gaga began to independently learn to play the piano, singing the hits of Michael Jackson and Cindy Loper. Recording her voice on a cheap tape recorder, the girl felt like a pop star.

At the age of 11, Stephanie entered the private Catholic school "Monastery of St. Christ", where she participated in theatrical productions and sang in a jazz orchestra. Thanks to her quick-wittedness and strong character, she passed the Clive Davis program at the School of Art at New York University ahead of schedule.

Only 20 students managed to pass the necessary tests. Immediately after school, the father found an apartment for his daughter, provided start-up capital, but wished that she would achieve real successes in a year, meet expectations.

The celebrity suffers from a congenital developmental anomaly, expressed in low growth (155 cm). For this reason, other children scoffed at the future star at school.

Also, the figure of the singer is a source of problems for fashion designers and directors who have to adapt to the size of an American. Lady Gaga herself does not hesitate to post a photo on Instagram with a swimsuit, or without makeup, however, she claims that she is not at all pleased with the reflection in the mirror and appreciates the people who see her real behind all this paraphernalia.


In a team with young music groups Mackin Pulsifer and SGBand, the singer performed in East Harlem clubs, and 2006 began working with producer Rob Fusari. Acquaintance with the artist Lady Starlight and rapper Akon influenced the holistic style and signature style of her image.

Lady Gaga - Poker Face

The first songs appeared - Beautiful Dirty Rich, Dirty Ice Cream, and Disco Heaven. At this point, Stephanie took the pseudonym Lady Gaga, based on the words from Queen Ga's Radio Ga Ga song, and asked her not to mention her previous name. Lady Gaga appeared before the public at a musical Olympus in 2008, when the album The Fame, which included Just Dance and Poker Face hits, became super popular.

The singer is the owner of an impressive list of awards: American Music Awards, Grammys and MTV in different countries. Her discography consists of dozens of singles, full-fledged studio artists, and collaborative albums, which have become many times platinum and gold. The composition of Bad Romance considered the best in the creative biography of Lady Gaga, was sold in huge circulation.

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

In September 2009, the American officially announced the Queen of Download, after two singles from the singer's first album were on the list of 40 most downloaded songs of all time by the British Official Charts Company.

Also, the clips for the songs "Poker Face," "Alejandro," "Paparazzi," "Telephone," and "Judas" highly appreciated by the audience.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Lady Gaga always tried to stand out, but the appearance of a celebrity at the ceremony of presenting musical awards in 2010 was called strange. A dress that looked wholly made of pork meat, together with a hat and a clutch bag, was made to order, trimmed with pork pulp, and processed with a particular composition.

The failed event in the career of the artist was Eurovision 2018 in Kyiv. The organizers of the show refused Lady Gage because of an expensive rider of $ 200 thousand. Instead, the singer Ruslana acted as a headliner.