Kool Savas: Biography and Interesting facts about his life

Published At: 21 March 2020 , 06:52 PM


Kool Savas (Kul Savash) is one of the most respected German rappers, the founder of his label Essah Media.

His career as one of Germany's best Ramsey began in the mid-90s, when he tried to make his first recordings in the bands Masters Of Rap and Westberlin Maskulin, the most famous of which at that time was the track "King Of Rap." After leaving these groups, Savash began a solo career and, in 2002, created his own label Optik, where in the same year, he released his debut album "Der Beste Tag Meines Lebens." Sometime later, the German rapper Eko Fresh recorded a diss track, in which he walked through many other emseys, which caused a response from Savash, who released the diss "Das Urteil," which is recognized by most as the best diss track in the history of German hip hop. After recording a joint album with rapper Azad and promoting the label by signing new promising artists, Savash released his second album "Tot oder Lebendig" in 2007. Then, after a series of mixtapes, reorganization and the creation of a new label Essah Entertainment, Cool released his next album "Aura" in 2011,  and a year later, a joint album with Xavier Naidoo, which turned out to be one of the most successful releases in the rapper's career. In 2014, Sawash created the Essah Media label using Essah Entertainment as a booking agency, and at the end of the year, the rapper's fourth album, "Märtyrer," was released.


Chris Maroon, the editor-in-chief of the then-young hip-hop magazine Juice, received a cassette with three Savash tracks. He encouraged Labels Four Music, Show-Down, and Put Da Needle to listen to a demo of Sawash. Surprisingly, only Peter Srechkovich, with Put Da Needle, recognized Savasha as a true talent. The rest of the labels decided that Savash's work was painfully provocative;

During his career, the rapper has sold more than 1 million copies of albums;

Sasha's parents are politically active people. Father Savash was deported to Turkey to participate in an optimistic action. Savash himself, although in his youth he participated in various political demonstrations, in his tracks he tries to avoid the themes of politics and religion;

Member of the organization for the protection of animal rights and has been a vegetarian for 18 years.