Kendall Schmidt: Biography and music career

Published At: 24 February 2020 , 02:12 PM


American Kendall Schmidt is a universal artist. He showed himself equally well on stage as a singer, and also became famous as an actor. The man himself made a career and now bathes in the glory. The number of female fans he sharply mutilated in 2009, after appearing in a youth series, which subsequently made him famous.

Childhood and youth

Kendall was born in the fall of 1990 in the American city of Wichita. His mother Katie and father Kent raised two more sons - Kenneth and Kevin, both, when they grew up, connected life with acting.

When Kendall was a child, his family moved to Andover, where he went to school and went deeper into creativity. Looking at his older brothers, the youngest decided that he would also act in films. And although it all started with a fun, the boy soon became involved and more often began to go to auditions. He first appeared on television in a cornflake video clip.

Personal life

Kendall prefers not to advertise his own life, but everyone already knows that he does not have a wife and children. But about his girls, not everything is so simple. One evening, a friend of Carlos Pen introduced Schmidt with his girlfriend Julie, in the end, a long relationship began between the young people. And when the union broke up, Schmidt began to show sympathy for the singer Pixie Lott. However, information about their novel was never confirmed.

Judging by the artist’s photo on Instagram, he loves traveling and meeting friends. He also devotes his free time to mountain climbing, surfing and skateboarding.

Many Schmidt fans are interested in his tattoo. It is worth noting that there are 10 of them on the body of the actor, and they are all different. In the center of the back are the signs of the elements, on the left shoulder is Scorpio (zodiac sign), and the forearm adorns a wired heart on the same side. Among others, he also painted skulls, sunflowers, roses, guitars, and more.

The Schmidt family is very fond of animals. Two dogs live in their house, a bird, a cat, a python, a dwarf pig and a turtle.


In addition to acting, Kendall loved music from an early age. At three years old, he began to master playing the guitar and tried to sing. With age, inspired by the work of his favorite bands, he started to compose melodies and write texts on them. The first in Schmidt’s life was the group Lovers Make Liars, in which he released one album. Then, with a friend, he created another project called Heffron Drive, and in 2014 they recorded Happy Mistakes.

At the same time, since 2009, Schmidt has been a member of the Big Time Rush boy band, which, in addition to him, includes Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Carlos Pena Vega. The children’s first BTR album appeared in 2010, after which a year later another record appeared on the shelves of music stores Elevate. And in 2013, the musicians again pleased the audience, this time with a 24 / Seven disc.