Kelly Clarkson - biography, personal life, news

Published At: 04 July 2020 , 07:23 PM

Career: singer, movie, actress

Date of Birth: April 24, 1982

Age: 38 years

Place of Birth: Fort Worth, USA

Growth: 161

Family status: married


The path of the American singer Kelly Clarkson to the musical Olympus began with a victory in a talent show. The girl did not repeat the fate of most of the graduates of such competitions, whose names are forgotten a couple of months after the final. Having managed to conclude a profitable contract, the artist recorded several vivid albums, four times won the prestigious Grammy Award, and from year to year gathers thousands of loyal fans in her tours.

Childhood and youth

In the temperamental and full of energy Kelly Clarkson is easy to guess the real southerner. The singer was born in 1982 in the "most American" US state - Texas, and her childhood passed in the small town of Berleson. The girl's ancestors came to America from the British Isles, among them were Irish and Welsh. Kelly became the youngest in the family of Genies and Stephen Clarkson, who raised three children.

The divorce of parents who had been married for 17 years led to the fact that the future artist was separated from her sister Alissa and brother Jason, remaining to live together with her mother. While studying at school, the girl began to sing in the choir and participate in musicals production. At the same time, Kelly's hobbies extended to serious school subjects like biology, but the passion for music soon came to the fore.

After graduating from school, Clarkson worked part-time in several places while trying to save up for a demo that she could present to labels. The path of a provincial novice singer without connections was not so simple. In pursuit of a dream, the girl went to Los Angeles, where she dreamed of conquering Hollywood.

From the first time, the southerner did not achieve the goal: having lived for six months in the city of dreams and having failed to conclude a contract, Kelly returned to her native Texas. She worked in a bar, sang in an amusement park, and played in local theater productions.

Failures did not crush the girl, and she did not abandon her intentions to achieve fame. In the spring of 2002, casting began on the new American Idol talent show, and Kelly managed to get through it, although she already had little faith in herself. However, entering the top 30, the rising star gained confidence and became more popular with the viewer with each stage. As a result, in September 2002, the singer won the first season of the popular project and received a millionth contract to record her debut album.


Taking 1st place in the competition, Kelly performed the song "A Moment Like This," written specifically for the winner. The track became her first official single and immediately "shot," climbing to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

After that, in 2003, the singer released her debut album "Thankful," which immediately topped the Billboard 200. The disc becomes platinum twice and elevates the performer to an unprecedented height. Still, critics insist that his success is not due to musical merits, but rather to the popularity of the show. Clarkson's second album, "Breakaway," comes out a year later and confirms that the first success was not accidental. Here are the hits "Because of you," "Addicted," and "Gone." Solnick is recognized as platinum seven times, and the title track becomes the soundtrack to the film "Princess Diaries - 2". Kelly does not stop there and is working on new compositions, receiving in 2006 the first "Grammy" for the best female performance of the pop song "Since U Been Gone."

Having released two more solo records, by 2010, Clarkson is rightfully among the stars of world magnitude. And at that time, he was recording almost his major hit - the track "Stronger," which will form the basis of the album of the same name, which brought another Grammy Award. The singer's discography includes seven official releases, the last of which - "Piece by Piece" - was released in February 2015.


Arriving in Hollywood in the early 2000s, Kelly began acting in episodes of television series, including "Sabrina - the Little Witch," "King of the Hill," "Riba." However, the tiny works of fame did not bring the actress.

She gets her first and last significant role in 2003 after the success of American Idol. Together with the rival in the finale of the show, Justin Guarini, Clarkson starred in the youth comedy "From Justin to Kelly." The film received the Golden Raspberry Award as the worst musical in 25 years. In this acting career, the girl ended. She occasionally appears in movies and TV shows as a cameo, and also voices cartoons.

Personal life

Kelly Clarkson is one of those who are not afraid to share the details of his personal life with reporters. The singer met her future husband, Brandon Blackstock, in 2006 at the ceremony of presenting one of the music awards. A man works in the same industry as his wife as a manager.

The relationship did not immediately flow into a romantic channel, but gradually the girl discerned in her boyfriend her only one. The couple met for more than two years, and in October 2013, they got married. The celebration took place in the vicinity of the center of American country music - the southern city of Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2014, the daughter of River Rose was born to happy newlyweds, and in 2016, Remington's son Alexander. And the fact that she was pregnant for the second time, the woman told fans right during the concert, not being able to restrain violent emotions.

The bearing of both children was given to the singer with great difficulty, and, having given birth to a boy, Kelly decided to resort to radical measures. The surgeons bandaged the fallopian tubes to the patient, and her husband had a vasectomy, making it impossible for the next child to appear.

Clarkson said that she now feels happy because there are four children in their house: the spouses also raise Savannah and Seth - Brandon's daughter and son from their first marriage. With the birth of babies, the artist recovered significantly but did not attach any importance to this.