Katy Perry fainted on set due to gas leak

Published At: 23 February 2020 , 04:30 PM

Engaged as a mentor on the American Idol talent show, Katy Perry suffered gas poisoning.

On Instagram, the 35-year-old singer posted the announcement of the upcoming release of the show. In this video, viewers saw footage of the incident with her participation. Before the filmmakers noticed something was wrong, Katy Perry managed to inhale a decent amount of gas. Suspecting the leak, the organizers called the fire department. The artist hastened to go out into the fresh air, but due to dizziness, she lost consciousness and fell right at the feet of the rescue officer.

In the annotation to the video, Katy Perry explained that now nothing threatens her health. She thanked everyone who inquired about her well-being and urged them not to worry: "I just fell." The star also did not miss the opportunity to use the hype around this incident for the benefit of the show, saying that viewers will faint from the new release of American Idol.

Earlier, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry postponed their wedding.