Kadi: Biography and music career

Published At: 29 February 2020 , 12:53 PM

Under the anonymity Kadi, Kadiev Khetag is hiding. This is a dark horse about which there is no data. And the rapper himself is in no hurry to open the cards of who he is.

No data on his family. Who were his parents, how was his childhood, which was the main impetus for his development in show business? It is known that Khetag writes songs for other artists on his own and even sings himself. Our hero works in the style of rap and hip-hop.


The young author puts his singles on ship users, VKontakte. In particular, in collaboration with Miyagi, the song "Native Land" was written. Vladimir Vakho also participated in the creation.

Miyagi (real name Azamat Kudzaev) is himself from Vladikavkaz. Being a physician by education, Azamat still gave to music and listeners.

Vladimir Vakho - performer

KADI wrote the following composition in collaboration with Moeazy. The single is called Never Give Up on Love. Vkontakte comments from those who listened to the most enthusiastic song.

According to the photo on the wall of the official VK page, the singer performed in 2018 in Tallinn. Fans warmly received the singer, invited to come again.

There is a composition that Khetag wrote to himself and performed it himself. The single is called "Dance For You." But here, there were no helpers. Two people acted in their role: Vladimir Vakho and LeylaImanova. 

This single marked by positive signs from more than 4 thousand users. In the comments, you can find the words: cool, best, fire. Everyone who liked noted that this composition exceeded all the bold expectations of the young artist.

It should be noted that Khetag actively collaborates with Miyagi, Endgame, and others who make up the group. Together with young people, the performer is improving in musical skills. Also, with the group, KADI has the opportunity to promote their songs.

On his VKontakte page, Khetag indicates that he is participating in several musical groups: Endgame andy panda, Stonehenge Ston Heng.

It is worth noting that songs written for the Endgame. The single on the VKontakte page. It is called "In Love." Performed by the team. The producer of this composition was Volfworks x Ston Heng. To date, 235 users have put real likes. Nevertheless, the comments are only positive. Listeners appreciated the creativity and talent of KADI.

On the VK page, where the young artist uploads his tracks, there are a lot of positive comments about the artist's creative potential. It's worth it to listen to his songs.

Personal life

To date, there is no information about the personal life of the performer. He does not talk about the existence of a girl. At the moment, The tag wholly absorbed in music, creative plans. Therefore, the young man has no time to think about the family. Today, the role of his girlfriend is creativity.

Interesting Facts

An unknown author suddenly begins to compose singles for comrades who have a name and popularity. This is a breakthrough in the career of a young musician.

In his profile, KADI indicates that he knows a lot of languages. Including Dutch, French, English, Iron, Norsk.