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Published At: 26 June 2020 , 03:11 PM

Julia Olegovna Volkova. Born February 20, 1985, in Moscow. Russian singer, former soloist of the Tatu group. Julia Volkova was born on February 20, 1985, in Moscow. Father - Oleg Viktorovich Volkov, businessman. Mother - Larisa Viktorovna Volkova, stylist. From the age of 7, Julia studied at the children's music school number 62 in piano. From the age of 9, she performed as part of the children's vocal-instrumental ensemble, "Fidgets." A year later, Lena Katina, her future partner on the big stage, was also included in the Fidgets group. In 1995, Julia moved to secondary school No. 1113 with theatrical training. In school years, starred in the children's comic magazine "Jumble," in the issues of "Help me out" and "Mannequin." In 1999, at the age of 14, Julia, according to the results of the casting, became a participant in the music project "tATu" ("Tatu"), organized by screenwriter Ivan Shapovalov and composer Alexander Voitinsky. Her partner was a longtime acquaintance - Lena Katina. The name of the group, as the members of the duet later said, can mean "She loves Tu."


Dangerous pop life began for Julia early. As a teenager, she won the casting and, as one of the two soloists, entered the scandalously famous musical group Tatu under the direction of producer Ivan Shapovalov.

Volkova's partner in the project was a longtime acquaintance of Julia Lena Katina. Girls from Fidget instantly grew into one of the most notable pop groups of that period. Initially, Tatu used a shocking lesbian image, but gradually this idea became obsolete, and the group's songs acquired a more social orientation.

Girls recorded English-language, and Russian-language albums, stably sold in huge print runs, performed in Russia and abroad. The images of two fragile girls (Julia's height 158 ​​cm, Elena -162), with some teenage tragedy singing about personal and world problems, did not leave the audience of Europe and America indifferent. The first single in the English version titled "All The Things She Said" became one of the most successful singles of the year and took the top line in the main world charts. Over the long history of the band, the hits "I've lost my mind," "They won't catch up with us," "Half an hour" and others recorded, as well as the concert reality series "Tatu" in the Celestial Empire "about a duet tour in China. In May 2003, the group performed at Eurovision, where the girls took third place with the song "Do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask."

Ireland and the United Kingdom gave the group 0 points. At the same time, the Irish replaced the telephone vote with a national jury for technical reasons. The "first channel" of Russia protested, considering the ratings "incredibly low." In response, they said that the points remain the same. Channel claims rejected. In January 2005, the girls began work on the album "People with Disabilities." In the same year, the famous composition "Tattoo" - "All About Us" was released.

A decrease in the fan base and half-empty halls was led by the statement that there was never a lesbian connection between the girls. After all, it was with this image that the Tatu group began. Members of the union even gave decoding of the collective as "She loves that one." And when Julia and Lena started to assure that the feelings between them were only sisterly and friendly, some old fans dropped out. In 2007, the singers participated in the filming of the film "You and Me." The plot based on the book by Tatu Kam Bek, a deputy of Alexei Mitrofanov and a student of the Russian State Humanitarian University Anastasia Moiseeva. Misha Barton and Chantel Van Santen performed the central roles in the film. This is a story about two girls who met in the capital of Russia to go to a concert of the Tatu group. The tape shows as part of the out-of-competition program of the 61st Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

In 2009, after ten years of collaboration, Julia Volkova began a solo career, disagreeing with the director Boris Rensky prompted the singer. In 2012, Katina and Volkova again briefly joined forces to work on the anniversary re-release of the album "200 km / h In The Wrong Lane (10th Anniversary Edition)". The first solo composition of the singer was the song "Shift the world," in the English version of "All Because Of You," recorded in Sweden under a contract with "Gala Records." The video for the song released on 11/11/11.

The singer herself recorded the compositions "Rage" and "Woman Down," and later, in 2012, the song "Didn't Wanna Do It," which sounded in the Russian version as "Let's turn the earth."

In the same year, the singer again participated in the Eurovision qualifying round. Julia performed the song "Back to Her Future" in a duet with Dima Bilan and took second place, losing only to "Buranovsky grandmothers."

For some time, Volkova continued to collaborate with Dima Bilan. Bilan and Volkova became the winners of the tenth "Soundtrack" in the nomination "Duet of the Year" with the song "Love-bitch."

In September 2013, Julia again went on stage. The first tATu concert held in Kyiv in 5 years. Later, the girls gave three more shows in St. Petersburg, sang at the opening of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, and, together with Mike Tompkins and Legalize, recorded the track "Love In Every Moment." In 2014, the premiere of the clip for this composition took place. 

Personal life

The personal life of Julia Volkova regularly gives fans food for discussion. The first "star scandal" involving the girl was Julia's connection with her bodyguard Pavel Sidorov, with whom the singer had a problematic romance for several years (Pavel was already married at that time and had a young daughter). The result of these relationships was little Victoria - daughter Volkova, whom she gave birth at the age of 19. Having a baby destroyed an already precarious alliance.