Jubilee: Biography and music career

Published At: 13 March 2020 , 01:37 PM


Jubilee is the real name of Nikita Kondratenko. He is a rap artist, was the founder of the group Sins of the Fathers and a member of Versus Batte.

  • Born February 26, 1992
  • City: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Height - 175 cm.
  • Weight - 85 kg.

Before popularity

From a young age, Nikita had a great craving for music, and he deleted her a lot of time. Starting from the age of 15, he began to show himself more actively in this area - he participated in rap battles, which helped him improve his recitative and make new acquaintances. At the same time, he began to record his first tracks and put it in active access. Already in his youth, he became a rebel and tried to swim against the tide, especially in the rejection of online battles. He always believed that battles should take place only to live because this is the only way to show your skills. In his youth, Nikita was also a big fan of the Marvel comics, which is why he took the pseudonym for the fictional hero Jubilee.


At the beginning of his work, at the age of 16, when Nikita began to upload his first songs in the public domain, he already had the first listeners and admirers of creativity.

But he gained more popularity and recognition after the concert of his friend Oxxxemiron in 2010, at which he acted as the opening act, after which they started talking about him. After its sensational debut and recognition, Jubilee launched its freestyle battle called "HUYAKS," which was held both on the streets and special venues. Thanks to these battles, Nikita got a lot of interesting acquaintances. A year later, together with his old friend Dmitry Gambit, he created the group "Sins of the Fathers," and later, other members of the group joined them. The leader of the group is still Jubilee, who also shot and edited clips. By the end of the year, or rather 11/11/11, the group released their new album, entitled "New Testament". The band very quickly became very popular and won the hearts of fans, but a year later, there was an unpleasant conflict between the participants and at the beginning of 2013. the group ceased to exist.

The breakup of the group Nikita took very painfully, and more than six months did not appear anywhere. But by the end of 2013. took part in "Versus Battle", where he won, after which he presented the film adaptation of his beloved single and returned to the stage again.

Personal life

Nikita is well hiding his personal life, but the rapper does not suffer from a lack of female attention, and in the tracks, he talks about his large number of fans. For a long time, Nikita was credited with an affair with Lema Emelevskaya.

Recently, the contractor admitted that he couldn't be in a relationship for more than a few months. All this is all because, he argues, in his circle, he did not see happy couples, all either divorced or unhappy. At the moment, Nikita is not yet married and has no children, but we believe that everything is still ahead.

Interesting Facts

In school, Nikita changed four schools, so from an early age, he was used to being a black sheep in society. At one time, to have a livelihood, the guy worked in a TV store, but this work seemed to him very boring. After this, I decided to do something more active and became a courier for the delivery of documents, but also did not stay long because I saw that couriers were treated even worse than attendants.

Jubilee spent about 300 thousand on recording songs, for comparison, about 40 thousand were spent on the third project "Emoji FM." The artist writes all the songs based on real experience; fictional characters are not interesting to him.