Joyner Lucas: Biography and music career

Published At: 04 February 2020 , 12:00 PM

Joyner Lucas is a famous rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts, the USA, born August 17, 1988. The rapper's real name is Gary Lucas, his height is 168 centimeters and weighs 67 kilograms.

Life before popularity

It is known that Gary became interested in music at an early age since the age of 7 he began to learn to add rhymes and compose texts. At the age of 10-12, his adoptive father took him to a recording studio. It was there that the future rapper recorded his first track called "annihilate 'em," then the boy decided that he wanted to connect his life with music. A significant influence on his work had Eminem, Method Man and Nas.

In 2007, Lucas joined his uncle's Film Skool Rejects group. At this time, the young man acquires first fame in narrow circles and begins to call himself Joyner Lucas. In the same year, the group presented its first mixtape called "Workprint: The Greatest Mixtape of All Time" to the audience, which became one of the most popular albums released in 2007.

The musician released his debut album "Listen 2 Me" in 2011 under the pseudonym Future Joyner. But soon the rapper Future became world-famous, Lucas did not want to be associated with anyone else, so he again changed the stage name to Joyner Lucas.

How famous

By 2015, the rapper had formed his style. Contrary to his father's instructions to make club music, Joyner decides to step aside from commerce and directs his work to express the harsh realities of life.

In April of this year, the album "Along Came Joyner" was released, which included the track "Ross Cappichioni" - the first hit by Joyner Lucas, the song based on real events. The musician takes a very responsible approach to write his compositions, and in an interview, he admits that he writes rap when he imagines what the video clip will look like.

In 2016, Joyner Lucas gained even more enormous popularity by signing a contract with Atlantic Records. The album "508-507-2209", released in 2017, conquers the music charts, especially the listeners, loved such tracks as "Ultrasound," "Winter Blues," and "I'm sorry."

Many began to take an interest in Joyner's work after he published a remix of the track "Gucci Cang" by famous rapper Lil Pump.

In 2017, the musician again attracted the attention of the press to himself by releasing the video "I'm Not a Racist," which boldly raises controversial topics.

Musician's Activities

All the achievements of Joyner Lucas is only the beginning; today, he is called one of the most promising rappers. The views under his video clips are off the charts, and subscribers are increasing.

In addition to the main activity, Lucas launches a clothing line, which is in high demand in his homeland.

Almost nothing is known about the personal life of the celebrity; Joyner is not in a relationship. However, in the works, he often mentions his son, the name of the mother is unknown to the fans.