Joji (George Miller): Biography and music career

Published At: 06 February 2020 , 09:24 AM

The hero of our article is a young man with an interesting biography and unusual appearance. Joji (George Miller) is a typical youth idol who has become famous through the Internet. A talented guy from childhood dreamed of fame, but he sought himself in different genres of art. During his life, the young man managed to try himself in the role of a leading comedy show, producer of a musical group and singer of a song of his composition. Fans know little about Joji's biography because he carefully hides the details of his personal life.

Joji (George Miller) Biography

When the young man was just starting to conquer the Internet, he did not even think about the career of a singer. Proving himself as a talented blogger, Joji thought about creating his show.

Here are the main stages of a creative career:

opening your own YouTube channel;

collaboration with the ensemble "PinkGuy" as a producer;

the release of a studio album, which managed to break out to 58th place in the world charts;

presentation to the audience of the composition “yeah right”, which instantly won the love of music lovers.

A talented young man not only has a good voice and hearing, but also plays the ukulele.

Joji became a star after leaving his native Tokyo to bustling New York. As the artist himself recalls, in America he became a different person.

Personal life of the singer

In the photo on social networks, Joji (George Miller) is most often one. The young man is single, and is not going to get married yet. Joji considers himself a person with a complex character, prone to depression and mood swings. It is known that he suffered a serious illness at an early age (the singer does not like to specify which one); since then has been characterized by increased nervousness and emotionality.

Artist's work

Joji’s works are simple, catchy texts that sometimes contain profanity (for example, in the composition “yeah right”). Each song is a small performance in which the performer shares innermost experiences with the audience. So, in the song “slow dancing in the dark”, the singer touches on the topic of loneliness, relevant for young people. So far, he has released two full-fledged studio albums - "Pink season" and "The ballads 1".

Joji's creativity has the following features: sound effects the young man creates and records without the help of professionals;

extraneous noise is often “woven” into the melody, but it looks organic;

in song verses the theme of loneliness and internal conflict of the personality often slips;

often refers to the musical styles of past years.

Curiously, the young man took his first steps in composing music and poetry in high school, when he wrote satirical verses about harmful classmates and evil teachers.

Joji is one of the brightest and most distinctive stars of the Internet. Not everyone likes his music, but it is impossible to ignore it. I would like to hope that the young man will continue his musical career and will delight fans with melodic, catchy hits. Joji and his biography are a topic of interest to both young people and the older generation.