John Newman - Biography, personal life, and News

Published At: 03 June 2020 , 06:02 AM

Career: Singer, songwriter

Date of Birth: June 16, 1990

Age: 29 years

Place of Birth: Setl, UK

Height: 188

Family status: married


John Newman is a British musician, vocalist, and songwriter. In 2013, the performer became the star of the UK Singles Chart and became one of the country's most popular singers. A representative of the soul genre, Newman has repeatedly nominated for prestigious music awards.

Childhood and youth

John was born in Settle on June 16, 1990. His full name is John William Peter Newman. The artist's childhood can hardly call a happy time since his father abused alcohol and was engaged in the assault. When in 1996, the mother decided to divorce, the family had a hard time. The saleswoman's salary was not enough to provide John and his older brother with everything they needed.

Newman grew up an active child and often found himself during boyish adventures. At first, the boy's hyperactivity manifested itself in frequent participation in fights, but everything changed when rugby appeared in his life. The coach had high hopes for the young man and thought that John could connect his biography with sports. But at the age of 14, the teenager's priorities changed, and he became interested in music. Newman began with mastering the guitar, composing poetry, and original songs. Entering college at the age of 16, he decided that he would devote himself to working with other tools, and began to study the profession of a mechanic. True, the craving for creativity took its toll, and soon the guy returned to music. This period in the singer's life coincided with his acquaintance with a dysfunctional company, which provoked frequent drives to the police, a passion for alcohol, and illegal substances. Hyperactivity of John affected here: under the influx of emotions, he could steal something or attack another car.

The death of loved ones in a car accident brought Newman to life. He revised his lifestyle, habits, and social circle. At this point, his older brother had his musical group. Together with John, they organized a small home studio and began to experiment with sound. So Newman started to appear in clubs, speaking at events as a DJ, and then performed covers of famous compositions.

Personal life

John frankly shares with the media details of the past and quickly talks about a love story. For the first time, the press drew attention to the guy's romantic relationship in 2013. Then the companion of the vocalist was the British singer Ella Air. The couple soon broke up, which inspired Newman to translate experiences into creativity. The next chosen one of the artists was the model and circus artist Kyle Kadorn. The lovers were together for a year, after which their paths parted. John found happiness in his personal life with a Danish woman named Nana. A girl from Copenhagen worked as a stewardess. An acquaintance of young people happened on the plane. In 2017, the performer announced serious intentions with the chosen one, and in 2018 the wedding took place.

A man shares his photo with his wife, pictures from a recording studio, from concerts and photoshoots in his profile on Instagram.

The artist is 188 cm tall and weighs 86 kg.


Creativity and development in this direction provoked John's move to London. Here the guy gathered a group of like-minded people and, together with musicians, performed in small venues. Sometimes they even gave concerts on the street. Once, near the improvised scene was the producer of the Island Records label, which offered Newman collaboration.

So John began to perform not only independently, but also in co-creation with other artists. These included Rudimental, an electronic quartet for which the musician composed the songs Feel the Love and Not Giving in. The songs immediately became hits, and their author attracted the attention of reporters. The popularity was reinforced by regular invitations to shoot on television. John also wrote songs for Kelvin Harris, Ollie Merce, and Jesse Jay.

Happiness from demand overshadowed by a disease that accidentally detected during a medical examination. John's health deteriorated, and he went for an exam. Doctors discovered a tumor in the brain. It much frightened the singer, but a successful operation and a rehabilitation course brought him back to his healthy life.

In 2013, the artist released the single Love me again. The song was the leader in the leading British music chart, and then won the maps of Europe and received an award as the best international video. Then presented the song Cheating, but it was less successful. But the song Not giving in, for which the video shot, received a prize as the best dance video. A year later, John Newman was already a guest star of the BRIT Awards and also received a nomination as the best solo artist.

In the same period, the first solo album of the artist Tribute released. Most of the compositions present on the record reflected the bitterness of loss and feelings associated with romantic relationships. 6 days after the premiere, the disc took 1st place in the UK Albums Chart charts. In 2014, the guy began work on a new album. In the summer of 2015, the first single was released, and already in September, the release of the album Revolve. Then the musician visited Moscow and performed on the program "Evening Urgant" with the song. Love to me again.

The artist did not stop there, conquering the public, and by 2016 presented the single Ole. During this period, John had a relapse: the disease he had previously encountered returned. The vocalist took a break to undergo treatment and improve his health. In the spring of 2018, the audience had already met the fresh hit Fire in me and was expecting a new disc, but Newman decided to hold off.

John Newman now

The British musician continues to develop his career. In 2019, he came to Russia to perform at the Delivery Fest. In 2020, like most artists, John was faced with the need to cancel or reschedule performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now he continues to create author's compositions and also collaborates with world pop stars.


  • 2013 - Tribute
  • 2015 - Revolve