JOE ALVIN BIOGRAPHY, personal life and movie career

Published At: 31 January 2020 , 12:42 PM


Briton Joe Alvin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth because he was lucky enough to start his career with the leading role in the film "Long Way Billy Lynn in the Break of a Football Match" three-times Oscar winner Ang Lee and immediately stand on a par with the brightest stars of the film industry.  


 Joseph Matthew Alvin was born on February 21, 1991, in north London, in the family of a psychotherapist and documentary filmmaker. Joseph grew up an active and athletic child, but since childhood dreamed of a career in the cinema. While still at school, he began to take part in productions of the National Youth Theater, in which in his youth such stars of British cinema as Daniel Craig, as well as Rosamund Pike, Colin Firth, and many others played. After graduating from school, the young man entered the University of Bristol for a course in English literature, which he graduated in 2012. In the next two years, Joe perfected acting at Central Royal School. His role in the final performance of Angels in America, staged by director Jeffrey Coleman, in which the young actor played Joe Pitt, earned rave reviews from theater critics. Joe was named a budding actor and received an offer to enter the Royal National Theater. 


The film debut of the young actor took place in 2016. His first work was the role of a soldier Billy in the film of the famous director Ang Lee (Life of Pi, Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, all of his films received an Oscar), based on the novel by Ben Fountain. The movie "Billy Lynn's Long Journey in the Break of a Football Match," like all the creations of the master, caused a stir in society, showing two sides of reality, one of which is ruled by money and entertainment, and the other has nothing but suffering and pain. Billy, who returned from the war as a hero, is torn between them, not knowing what choice to make, stay at home, or return to the very heart of war, where his comrades die. Critics noted the professionalism and integrity of the young artist, who played on an equal footing with Vin Diesel and Steve Martin. Kristen Stewart played the role of the hero's sister. Aaron Paul and Theron Edgerton congratulated Joe on his brilliant debut, posting warm and sincere wishes for continued success on Twitter. Joe Alvin and Kristen Stewart in the movie "Billy Lynn's Long Way to Break a Football Match" The next work of the young actor in the touching British film "Foreboding of the End" confirmed the versatile talent of Joe, who managed to play the dramatic role of committed suicide boyfriend Adrien, with whom the protagonist was friends. The picture, which is a complex mosaic from fragmentary memoirs of Jim Broadbent, who played the leading role, was shot based on the famous novel by Julian Barnes. Foreboding - Trailer Video Doesn't Work? How the main handsome men of Hollywood have changed (photo) 2018 gave the young actor experience in cooperation with Ben Kingsley himself, who played the role of Adolf Eichmann in the film, based on the real story of the capture of a cunning Nazi who had been hiding in Argentina for many years under a false name. In Operation Finale, Joe played Klaus, Eichmann's son, and according to the actor, this role was not easy for him, as he raised the eternal question of whether the son should be responsible for his father's crimes. With a seemingly simple answer to this question, the stigma of the son of a Nazi criminal forever rests with Klaus, torn by love for his father and the realization of the enormity of his crimes. Melanie Laurent and Oscar Isaac played in the film, which earned extremely favorable reviews from film critics. Joe Alvin, in the movie Operation Final 11 photos of animals that touch you with their tenderness In August 2018, the premiere of the "Favorite" tape premiered about the reign of Anna, the last queen of the Stuart dynasty. Despite the facts on which the tape was created, describing it is impossible to limit itself to the mean phrase "according to historical events," "Favorite" is a story about a love triangle, in which three ladies participated: Queen Anne, the refined Duchess of Marlborough and the careerist from the lower strata of Abigail. In a smart and ironic drama, Joe played the role of Baron Masham, who fell in love with Abigail, played by Emma Stone. Olivia Coleman played the part of the queen, and Rachel Weiss starred as the duchess. Critics called the "Favorite" one of the main events of the season and predicted her awards from film academics. 


The actor, who so boldly declared himself, starring in the main scenes of 2017-2018, is not friendly and leads a closed lifestyle. In secular chronicles, Joe got thanks to his romance with the main Hollywood heartbreaker Taylor Swift exclusively. Fans actively discussed how much Joe would hold on to the capricious Taylor, who had met Taylor Lautner before him, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hiddleston. Joe Alvin Meets Taylor Swift 10 Russian style icons to take as an example 


At the end of 2018, the shooting of the detective drama The Guardians finished, in which Joe played in the company of Gerard Butler and master of the drama game Peter Mullan, and the historical film Mary the Queen of Scotland (Two Queens), in which Margot Robbie played, as well as the aristocratic David Tennant. Mary Queen of Scotland - trailer Video doesn't play Home sweet home: 12 Hollywood stars who don't go to parties It is known that Joe joined the cast of the film "Erased Personality," in the filming of which Nicole Kidman and the Canadian rebel Xavier Dolan participate. One of the leading roles is played by Joel Edgerton, who is also the director and screenwriter of the picture. In 2019, the release of the old Harriet tape expected, telling about the unique history and feat of Miss Harriet Tabman, who managed to free herself from slavery in 1849 and save hundreds of other slaves. It is known that in the role of Harriet will act Cynthia ErivoJoe Alvin - the most promising young actor of 2018 Jury Alvin, was unanimously recognized as the most promising young actor of 2018 by the jury. In an interview, Joe noted that he did not expect such a rapid start to his career and was not yet used to the attention of reporters.