Jay Z: Biography and music career

Published At: 09 February 2020 , 09:06 AM


Sean Corey Carter, also known as rapper Jay Z, is one of the highest-paid and titled American musicians. The rapper became the record holder for getting into the prestigious hit chart "Billboard 200" among solo artists and is second only to the cult Liverpool four "The Beatles" if we take into account all the musical groups in history. Also, Jay Z is a multiple winner of the famous American Grammy Music Award.

The future star of the world charts was born in Brooklyn, New York, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area. Sean grew up with three brothers and sisters and was raised by a single mother, Gloria Carter, as father Ednes Reeves left the family when the children were very young, and soon died of liver disease.

Rapper Jay Z

Carter went to school without much zeal and did not receive a full education. From an early age, a passion for music burned in him. Mom Jay Zee recalled that the boy woke up in the morning before the rest, went to the kitchen and beat out incredible rhythmic melodies, tapping his palms on the tablecloth on the table. In the end, Gloria bought her son a portable boombox music center, fashionable in those days, and Sean started to freestyle.


The guy made the first sets under the name Jazzy, which later transformed into the famous musician Jay-Z. Then, in 2013, the rapper will abandon the hyphen and will be called Jay Z. Music became for Carter a life-saving ticket from the criminal world, as the rapper grew up in a place where the musician's peers fell into gangs or got hooked on a needle.

The first samples of the pen Jay began to do in the early 90's. Jay Z performed with other rappers - The Notorious BIG, Damon Dash, Karim Burke. Also, Jay Z raped Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker" video.

When the musician accumulated author's material for the release of his album, the rapper decided to start a solo musical biography and began looking for a recording studio. But here the young man was faced with the fact that the companies offered to conclude slave contracts, according to which the singer would get a penny.

Then Jay-Z and his companions organize their own label "Roc-a-Fella Records" and release the album "Reasonable Doubt". The success was very high. The album took 23rd place among the recordings of the year, and among youth, the music reached the third position. The most successful rapper tracks of that period are Ain't No Nigga and Can't Knock the Hustle.

A year later, the world saw the release of the new album "In My Lifetime", which, thanks to the hits "The City Is Mine", "Who You Wit" and "(Always Be My) Sunshine", reached 3rd place in the prestigious Billboard chart for the year. And, starting with the next Hard Knock Life album, all of Jay Z's full-length C.D.s invariably led the charts both in America and around the world.

The biggest hits were the compositions "Empire State of Mind", "Niggas in Paris", "Jigga My Nigga", "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 ​​Me)", "Holy Grail" and others. The rapper's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, was released in 2013, but that doesn't mean that the singer has retired.

Jay Z showed an exciting trend in album titles. The musician numbers the discs to show the connection of some albums, which may even go in a row. For example, the records "In My Lifetime", "Hard Knock Life" and "Life and Times of S. Carter" received notes - chapters 1, 2 and 3, and the discs of the series "The Blueprint" were utterly different only by numbers, and between "The Blueprint 2" and "The Blueprint 3" released three more other albums.

Also, even at the peak of fame, the rapper collaborates with other artists and releases new singles, for example, "Spiritual", "Part II (On the Run)" and "Up". Together with the rock band "Linkin Park» (Linkin Park then) rapper recorded the album «Collision Course», and a plate «Watch the Throne» released together with Kanye West.

Personal life

Jay Z devotes a lot of time to charity. For example, he and his mother founded a fund to help students with financial difficulties. Also, during one of his world tours, the rapper promoted the idea of ​​supporting the environment and preserving clean natural water.

In 2006, Sean Carter acted as an ardent fighter against racism and anti-Semitism, and later to some extent engaged in politics: the singer campaigned for residents of Illinois not to ignore the presidential election, but to more actively express his life and political position. During these campaigns, Jay met with U.S. President Barack Obama, who after their conversation repeatedly spoke about him as a person with whom it is incredibly exciting to communicate.

In 2002, Jay Z met the American cult singer Beyoncé. They collaborated a lot as musicians, then they started dating, and in 2008 they got married officially. Four years after the wedding, a daughter was born to Sean Carter and Beyoncé, who was named Blue Ivy Carter. In general, the couple tries not to discuss their private relations with fans and journalists, as they believe that such behavior only speaks of playing in public.

In 2017, a replenishment occurred in the family of musicians: Beyoncé gave birth to twins. The singer's pregnancy became known in February: Beyoncé starred in a nude photoshoot with a noticeably rounded belly, and also stated that she now has three hearts. The singer continued to communicate with fans throughout her pregnancy and regularly posted photos on Instagram, not embarrassed by her body changes.

The stars responsibly prepared for the replenishment in the family. Jay Z bought a new home for the family - a huge mansion worth $ 120 million - so that no one in the big family crowded.

Jay Z with his wife

Shortly after the news of the birth of twins, reporters learned the names of the children. The stellar parents called the newborn unusually - Rumi and Sir. Rumi is a favorite poet of both Jay Z and Beyoncé, so parents named their daughter in honor of such a creative personality. And the boy got the name Sir, and it goes back to the British title "Sir." Parents decided that the son is already behaving very nobly; it looks like a senior British.

Musicians for a long time did not appear at social events. For the first time after the birth of twins, the stars were released only at the traditional evening of Rihanna's Diamond Ball.

Jay Z now

At the end of 2017, Jay again drew the attention of fans to his own life. But this time the news was not so pleasant. Jay Z publicly admitted for the first time that he had cheated on his wife.

Jay Z

Cheating Jay-Z was not such a secret for fans of musicians. Beyonce in a creative manner told about this in the album "Lemonade". Jay Z also opened his soul and recorded the album "4:44", released in 2017 and filled with memories and regret. This personal album also went platinum. And one of the songs - "Family Feud" - the musician recorded with his wife.

But in a new interview, Jay Z openly said that the marriage was on the verge of a divorce, but the couple was able to find a common language and jointly survive the problems. The rapper also linked his infidelity with problems in childhood. Jay Z said that life in a disadvantaged area made the musician emotionally closed, which ultimately resulted in family problems.

Rapper Jay Z

In 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump addressed J.J. himself, but not as a musician, but as a human rights activist. In a message on Twitter, the president asked users of the service to convey to Jay Z that, thanks to the policy of the new head of the country, unemployment among the black population of America reached a record low.

This statement was the president's response to criticism from the rapper. Jay Z publicly condemned Trump's words when he called the countries of Africa and Haiti "dirty holes."