Jasmine: Biography and music career

Published At: 17 February 2020 , 05:14 PM

Jasmine Biography

In 1977, a girl appeared in a family from the Dagestan city of Derbent, whom they decided to call Sarah. Sarah's mom was a conductor by profession, and dad was a choreographer. The girl was not the only child - two years earlier, her brother was born, who did not follow in the footsteps of his parents and connected his life with jewelry.

Sarah herself also did not initially plan to engage in creativity - in the graduation class, she firmly decided to become a linguist and go to study in the capital for this. Still, in the end, she spent one year at a medical college and mastered the profession of a nurse there. She reacted with all responsibility to medical education, but it was during its receipt that life changed even more. Thanks to its meeting of KVN teams of college and music school, she, making a musical number, first realized that her voice - a real gift, which many people can appreciate.

Star Trek Singer

Even before the start of her musical career, she had a chance to survive an unexpected success. As she says, while traveling to France, she accidentally ended up in a boutique of a French couturier, who, ironically, was there and offered her a photoshoot.

Photos turned out so successful that Sarah later became the face of the Parisian fashion brand in Russia - since the proposal now and then there was Sarah, she felt their independence and realize, that can do what he likes.

Therefore, she decided to go to the Gnessin School, where she mastered singing professionally. In 1999, at the suggestion of producer Vladimir Matetskiy, Sarah took the pseudonym Jasmine and released the first track entitled "It Happens."

One year later, it hit the dizzying success - the song "Long days" has recognized by music critics and awarded the prize "Golden Gramophone," "Ovation," "Stopudoviy You," and the title of "Song of the Year." The listeners received every new song with increasing enthusiasm, and already in 2005, her work as a whole was highly appreciated - Jasmine received the MTV Russia Music Awards as the best performer.

Soon, Jasmine's musical successes recognized on an entirely different scale - in 2009, she awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan. Jasmine's popularity as a singer due to her other endeavors: she invited to play in the TV musical "Ali Baba" a significant role - Zaynab, the wife of Ali Baba.

Among the television projects with the participation of Jasmine, the musical "Beauty requires ..." and the show of the First Channel "Two Stars" are also listed.

She also offered to become a TV presenter: for two years, she led the program "Shire Krug" on the TVC channel, and in 2011 began to appear on the music channel Music Box. It turned out , that in this as it is very successful. Therefore, in 2012, she was offered to lead the section "I Am Mom" in the program "Health," which is hosted by Elena Malysheva.

Personal life Jasmin

Before, like Sarah became Jasmine, she married restaurateur Vyacheslav Semendueva, and it happened in 1996. Very soon, a year later, the happy spouses appeared son Michael. They lived in harmony for precisely ten years and divorced in 2006.

Jasmine succeeded in regaining family happiness in 2011 - she married entrepreneur, Ilan Shor. In February 2012, she and her husband had a daughter, who was named Margarita.