It became known how much Yegor Creed paid Black Star to exit the label

Published At: 22 December 2019 , 09:18 PM

Yegor Creed is a favorite of a female audience, a talented performer and songwriter, a former member of the Black Star label. By the age of 20, Yegor had become one of the most sought-after performers of the Russian stage.

In his youth, love of music and personal experiences brought Yegor to the Internet, from the expanses of which his career began. Creed is a stage name that Yegor came up with at age 14. The real name of the artist is Bulatkin.

Egor Nikolaevich Bulatkin June 25, 1994, in the city of Penza. Yegor's father, Nikolai Bulatkin, who is now known as the owner of a large nut processing factory, started his business when Yegor was still a baby. He devoted his free time to creating songs in the "chanson" genre. Mother, Marina Bulatkina, helped her husband in business and was engaged in singing at leisure.

There was information on how much Yegor Creed had to pay to get out of Timati Black Star's label. The singer paid 102 million rubles to the company to have the right to use his stage name (the real name of the singer is Bulatkin) and perform songs.

 Creed is almost the only one who managed to easily part with Timati. The musician escaped scandalous showdowns and lawsuits.

Earlier in the press, there was information that Yegor had "bought" from Black Star businessman Boris Rotenberg, having paid 250 million rubles for the label. But rappers and producers denied these conversations. The other day, journalists found out that Creed himself settled issues with former mentors, agreeing to pay the label 102 million rubles. Of this amount, the artist has already paid off 52 million; Creed plans to return the remaining amount shortly. However, according to insiders, Yegor will have to continually deduct a certain percentage of his income from the musical activity.

Recalls that L'One continues to sue Black Star. The rapper has already lost several ships but leaves no hope to regain the stage name and songs that he wrote.

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