Is It Hell Or Kirribilli Polish Club Get Political With New Single

Published At: 30 April 2022 , 10:57 PM

The new release from Polish Club is jam-packed with frustration and condemnation, with the Aussie rockers dropping new double A-side Boys On Vacation/Bad Vibrations.

Alongside the release they've announced their new record, Now We're Cookin' In Hell, which is set for release on the 10th of June.

The tracks are deeply and inherently political, released in one of the most politically charged moments in contemporary Australia, following natural disasters, a pandemic and in the midst of a climate crisis.

On the release, Dave Novak of the band stated, "I think it’s inevitable that anger and political vitriol comes out in all artists’ music. I’m sure some full badass edgelord already has their unkempt fingers on their keyboards, ready to tell us that we should stick to ‘music’ and stay out of ‘things we don’t understand’.

"It’s none of my concern if anyone is unable to realise that essentially all music is inherently political, especially in a time where the entire industry has been left to die by the government.”

Boys On Vacation directly references the common tale in Australia of a powerful man running away from his problems to bask in the Hawaiian sun. Bad Vibrations, reflects on the sarcastic laundry list that will sound so familiar to Sydney-siders, including trams that are too big for tracks and ferries that are too tall.

Polish Club's new record is now available to pre-order HERE, in a limited edition, 180-gram red and yellow coloured vinyl alongside a full menu full of exclusive merch.

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