Interesting facts about Marcus you need to know

Published At: 02 March 2020 , 02:28 PM

Marcus is the stage name of a young and talented guy named Maxim Remainin. His star lit up in the sky of the modern musical career quite recently, but he already managed to surprise and subdue his listeners pleasantly.

Date of Birth. Born May 13, prefers not to disclose the year of birth

Place of Birth. Moscow city

Height - 180 cm.

Weight - 67 kg.

Marcus Before popularity

The young man was born in the most ordinary Moscow family. His hobbies were computer games, sports, reading magazines and books. He studied well at school, and he was especially interested in the exact sciences, such as mathematics and computer science, in his free time he walked with friends and was the real soul of the company.

Maxim never thought about his musical career, and his dream was to study as an engineer and find a stable job that brings good income.

He also never studied at a music school.

When it came to dedicating his life to musical creativity, the guy's parents fully supported him in this and were happy for his son.


Glory came to the young man unexpectedly. Once inspiration surged over him, and he wrote the song "Senorita." He wrote it for his beloved girl to give her a song as a gift. The surprise was a success, and the young man posted the recorded song on the social network VKontakte. No one expected that in just a couple of weeks, she would have a large number of auditions, people will begin to add it to their music recordings, and the song itself will rise to 87th place in the top 100 most popular songs of this social network.

To actively communicate with fans and exchange opinions about his work, he created a VKontakte group. At the moment, about 2000 thousand people are subscribed to it. The number of subscribers is gradually increasing.

On September 1, 2019, his first performance on the big stage at the ProLeto music festival took place. Maxim was surprised that people sang along to his songs and perfectly met the young performer. In his social networks, he left many words of gratitude on this occasion.

On September 10, 2019, the premiere of the new song "The Beast" took place, which was also positively received by the public.

The artist's nearest creative plans include the release of the video for the song "Senorita," as well as the release of a new song. Not so long ago, her official name became known - "Girl-Magnet."

Personal life of Marcus

The heart of the young performer is busy. For several years Maxim has been dating a girl whose name he prefers not to disclose. At the same time, the couple uploads a lot of joint photos. It can be seen that the guys love each other very much, value their relationships, and are happy together.

Young people do not think about the wedding yet, but most likely, in the near future, they will want to legitimize their relationship.

Interesting Facts

In his spare time, Maxim still loves to play computer games. He considers the League of Legends his favorite game.

Maxim admits that he has long dreamed of learning to dance.

The contractor openly declares that he considers his listeners a second family and that without their support, he would certainly not have succeeded.

Sometimes Maxim thinks about starting a blog, but so far, he devotes all his free time to music and writing new songs.