Iggy Azalea: Top facts about her you need to know

Published At: 18 April 2020 , 03:44 PM


Iggy Azalea is a rapper and model from Australia, now based in New South Wales. After moving to LA, Iggy released her first mixtape, "Ignorant Art," which featured the online hit "PU $$ Y". In 2012, Iggy, together with renowned producer Diplo, presented to the public her second project "TrapGold".

In 2014, the rapper released the album "The New Classic", which included the multi-platinum singles "Fancy", "Black Widow" and "Work".  Largely thanks to them, the album was certified as "golden" and Iggy became famous all over the world.


In 2013, a girl was invited to go on a date by a certain Russian billionaire for 1.6 million dollars. But she refused;

Iggy's father is an artist.

She met Acep Rocky and even got an A $ AP tattoo, which she crossed out after breaking up with the rapper;

Kream & Tokyo Show Trip

The premiere of two new tracks from the Australian-American rapper Iggy Azalea - "Kream", recorded with the participation of Taiga, as well as "Tokyo Snow Trip". Both songs will be included in the upcoming album of the artist called "Survive The Summer".

At the moment, the pre-order of the disc is already open, and the release itself, which is a long-awaited for fans of the artist after a long lull and the publication of countless snippets, will appear on the Web on August 3rd.


World-famous performer Iggy Azalea released a joint composition with a member of the Migos trio - Quavo. The track may well claim the role of a radio hit.

For Iggy, 2017 turned out to be a failure: due to the transition to another label, the album "Digital Distortion" never came out. Despite this, the singer continues to release new material and this year she plans to release her new longplay, but already under the name "Surviving The Summer". Collaboration with Cuavo is a direct confirmation of this.