Ice Cube: Biography and music career

Published At: 28 March 2020 , 04:49 PM

Ice Cube Biography

Ice Cube was born back in 1969 in sunny Los Angeles. Like many black teenagers, he became interested in hip-hop during his school years and began to write his first lines, which he read to classmates and teachers during breaks.

Golden years in the NWA

In the 80s, Ice Cube had several tracks recorded, but the coolest hit was a joint track with Dr. Dre as part of the CIA team (Which means the CIA), which did not exist for long and subsequently grew into a popular NWA team, whose members were: Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy E, and also MC Ren. Ice Cube wrote lines for all the band members. It was he who wrote the majority of the verses at the first Straight Outta Compton studio. It all started very well, and the album thundered all over America, but in the end, there were problems inside the band that made Ice Cube leave the band and pursue a solo career.

First solo album

Ice Cube has already made a worthy name in hip-hop circles, and it remained to blow up a solo album, which old Ice did immediately. In 1990, his first solo album called "Amerikkka's Most Wanted" was released (not just released, but flew out), the music for which was created by the New York beatmaker group The Bomb Squad. The album was on top and of course, in addition to flattering reviews, it received a lot of criticism and was also accused of racism

Death certificate

In 1991, Ice Cube released his second studio album, entitled Death Certificate, and was again recognized by critics as racist. In the same year, Ice climbed into the film industry and starred in his first film "Boyz N The Hood," which turned out to be very successful and was later spoofed in the movie "Don't threaten the south-central while drinking juice in your block."

Best release

A year later, the next album "The Predator" was released, which received very cool reviews and, according to many, is still considered the rapper's best album.


In 1993, a very unsuccessful album called "Lethal Injection" was released, after which Kubik decided to take a break in his musical career and began to pay more attention to films. Ice Cube is considered a very good actor, his filmography includes more than 30 films. The most successful films were: "Friday," "Torque," "Well, have you arrived?" and a few more movies.

Return to Westside Connection

Cube returned in 1996 as part of the Westside Connection team, which also included 2 of his sidekicks - WC and Mack 10. Together they recorded two albums - "Bow Down" and "Terrorist Threats." And in 1998, Ice resumed his solo career and released the album War & Peace Vol. 1 ", and after 2 years and the second" volume "of war and peace, after which he again went underground for 6 years. He later released four more albums, one of which was "Everythang's Corrupt," released in 2014. Ice Cube doesn't forget music or movies. In August 2015, the premiere of the film "Straight from Compton" will take place, which will talk about the NWA group. Last year, he even starred in one of the episodes of Sesame Street.