IamSu: Biography and music career

Published At: 18 April 2020 , 03:53 PM


IamSu! - rapper and producer, member and leader of the production team of The Invasion and hip hop gang HBK Gang. IamSu! Released a large number of mixtapes from 2010 to the present. His career began with the mixtape "Su! The Right Thing" released in 2010. The career flourished in 2012, then Su left the boundaries of a locally-known artist, releasing mixtapes "$ Suzy 6 $ peed", which included people like Juvenile, Problem and Wiz Khalifa as guests, and "Kilt", which turned out to be very successful, as well as a joint mixtape "Stoopid" with one of the HBK team members - Jay Ant. 

In 2013, the hit Sage The Gemini "Gas Pedal" was released, Sudan was noted for its verse on it. This track also glorified the whole HeartBreak Gang. In January 2014, Williams introduced Freestyle to YG's track "Who Do You Love?" and informed everyone that he was preparing his debut album "Sincerely Yours",  as well as the mixtape "Million Dollar Afro", joint with Problem.


A verse from Susie costs $ 20 thousand, and he said this on the remix of "Gas Pedal";

IamSu's favorite album is "College Dropout" by Kanye West.

To engage in rap, he was inspired by such personalities as Mac Dre, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Kanye West and Too $ hot;


The other day IamSu! - One of the leaders of the rap movement Bay Eriya - announced his new spring concert tour. In order to draw proper attention to this event, HBK Gang member teamed up with his childhood hero Snoop Dogg to record the joint track "Addy".

Apparently, part-time is the first single from Su's new project - "Boss Up 2". In principle, the work was done in the Aimsu corporate identity - it is understandable, he is responsible for the production.