How Kanye West's Style Has Changed

Published At: 23 June 2020 , 09:52 AM

The newly self-proclaimed god Kanye West has released his 9th studio album, Jesus Is King. But for the whole planet, Kanye has long been not just a musician but also one of the most influential people in the fashion world. We tell how it happened.

Thanks to Kanye West, Polo with a Bear once became the most popular item in the Ralph Lauren line. Even those fans of the rapper who had never been interested in fashion learned about Maison Margiela with a light hand, and one of his releases in the MA-1 bomber of Alpha Industries brand was enough to make her sales soar by 30%. And these are just a few examples of how Kanye's style influenced trends in general - and sales of specific brands in particular.

Quite quickly, the rapper realized that fashion authority could monetize profitably. Today, few people remember this, but in 2009 West tried to launch the Pastelle apparel brand, on which the dream team was to work, consisting of Vergil Abloe, Kim Jones, and the beloved jeweler of all the rappers of the planet Ben Boller. However, after the scandal with Taylor Swift at MTV VMA 2009, Kanye "lay down," and the long-awaited launch of Pastelle never happened. However, he didn't stay at the bottom for a long time: In the same year, the first Yeezy sneakers came out, which instantly became a universal object of desire, and now there are some items of clothing in the Yeezy line.

On the occasion of the withered release of Jesus Is King, we recall how Kanye's style evolved, what trends he introduced to the masses, and how he influenced the fashion world.

In 2004, Kanye released his debut album, The College Dropout, which won several Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Album. It Was long before the collaboration with Adidas and the Yeezy brand. Kanye of 2004 was one of those who added the popularity of preppy aesthetics, and the name of the first album partly resonates with this. "Then Kanye appeared, there were polos and backpacks," read rapper Drake in his track Know Yourself.

Preppy Kanye added a bit of streetwear-flair to the classic style. West experimented with layering, wore striped sweaters over shirts and t-shirts, and introduced the same Ralph Lauren sweatshirts with the image of a bear. One of the most iconic highlights of that era was Kanye's appearance in a pink polo stained with mustard in the All Falls Down video. Ten years later, the Bandulu brand embroidered the same stain with gold threads on a vintage Ralph Lauren polo and sold its design solution for $ 400. And in 2016, West recorded the ironic track I Love Kanye, in which, as it were, he said on behalf of his fans from the zeros: "I liked old Kanye.

In the mid-zero, Kanye's wardrobe was rich in colors, and the rapper actively supported the iconic Japanese brand Bape. In 2007, West teamed up with the brand and developed a collaboration in which there was only one subject - the famous model of Bapesta sneakers in the colors of Dropout Bear. 13 years have passed since then. Still, this collaboration considered so legendarily that it will sell on the central Grailed reseller platform in 2019. For ten thousand dollars And this is not a joke. Everybody repeated over Kanye. Fans even snapped up blinds, which someone called "the worst accessory of the year. "Kanye starred in them in the video for the song Stronger (later she was included in his third studio album Graduation), and their design was specially developed for him by the French-Armenian designer Alain Mikli. After the video appeared on the network, the market flooded with fakes for every taste. You can still buy a pair of any color on AliExpress. It is noteworthy that such glasses were trendy in the 80s, but thanks to Kanye, this accessory survived another high point.

Nike's first non-athletic running shoes were also developed by Kanye. The first Nike Air Yeezy model with laces and Velcro released in 2009 in three colors, including the option with soles glowing in the dark. After three years of calm, in 2012, Kanye and Nike introduced new color solutions for the model, and in 2014, the last chord of their joint work - Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October. And this five-year cooperation of the rapper with the sports giant at times increased the hype around his person.

But luxury fashion houses in 2009 were still wary of releasing sneakers—the first to venture Louis Vuitton - and also with Kanye. The French fashion house, together with the rapper, released three models, which also made on the principle of "high fashion + streetwear." West named the models in honor of those close to him - Don (in honor of the DJ, running enthusiast and brand creator of the Don Don Don Crowley), Mr. Hudson (a tribute to Benjamin Hudson Makildovi - an English musician who at that time signed to the West Music label) and Jasper (a dedication to IBN Jasper, then he was West's hairdresser).

[Kanye and Virgil] brought sports leather trousers six years ago to Fendi, and they said no," West said in 2013. But the "no" didn't stop him - the rapper himself began to wear leather pants - with sweaters, classic jackets, jackets, and a cult sweatshirt with Givenchy Rottweiler. All this is exclusively black. After the Mercy video with Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz (2012), "black aesthetics" Kanye received a new level of demand. There was an uncountable number of one-day brands wishing to cling to the trend, and there were even more rappers copying this style.

West took high fashion by storm. "We did not pay attention to what the press said about him; we focused on what we could do together," representatives of the Maison Margiela fashion house told British Vogue in 2013 (John Galliano had not yet taken up the post of the creative director ) - We have long wanted to work with Kanye West since he became our close friend; he supported us in every way and came to our shows." Then, specifically for the tour, Yeezus Maison Margiela developed several sets of clothes for Kanye. Catchy, stone-embroidered masks were some of the most unusual items in his wardrobe. West repaid the brand with the same coin and popularized Margiela Future High Top sneakers.