Hopsin: Biography and music career

Published At: 16 April 2020 , 12:52 PM


Marcus Hopson, aka Hopsin, is a California emcee, producer, actor, and owner of his label, Funk Volume, which he founded after a failed stay on Ruthless Records, where his debut album, “Gazing at the Moonlight,” was released. Organizing his label and calling his comrades there, he released his second album “Raw” in 2010, which brought him the first great fame in the industry. The third album, “Knock Madness,” was released only three years later and was an order of magnitude less successful than the previous one.

In December 2014, he announced that he was leaving rap music, but later said that it was only a joke and announced the release of the new album “Pound Syndrome” in 2015. In 2017, the artist was marked by the latest studio album  “Savageville.”


In his tracks, he often criticized contemporary performers for their “image” of hip-hop. Among them were Tyler, The Creator, Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, and many others. This, of course, gave a serious impetus to his career;

He wears bright lenses in his eyes, which is a special feature of his image;

In 2015, Hopsin and his friends Dizzy Wright and Jarren Benton offered a $ 500,000 battle with any rappers, and soon the Horseshoe Gang beat them. Funk Volume responded with the dissertation “Free Meal”;

According to him, he does not smoke, drink, or use drugs.

Happy ending

Hopsin, apparently, aimed at a full return to the game, so he releases another single after the recent work “The Purge.”

In “Happy Ending,” one might even say that there is even a nod towards the radio. Also, along with the track, according to tradition, a clip was released.

BUS That

Hopsin, after returning to the game, has already published several clips and tracks and continues to adhere to his system, laying them out individually.

“BUS That” turned out to be very simple - it is dedicated to life during concert tours. The instrumental for the track was made by the producer Kato, with whom Hop has been working since the time of Funk Volume