Hoodoo Gurus ‘Heartbroken’ As Massive Tour Postponed Again Last-minute

Published At: 02 April 2022 , 04:48 AM

On the eve of their huge 40th-anniversary tour, Aussie legends Hoodoo Gurus have been forced to postpone again.

The run of shows with The Dandy Warhols was meant to kick off tomorrow in Perth, but the band has revealed drummer Nik Rieth tested positive for COVID on Wednesday and is now self-isolating.

The rest of the band had been in close contact with Rieth right up to diagnosis as they rehearsed for the run of shows.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all! It goes without saying that we are devastated at this terrible turn of events,” Dave Faulkner said.

“All four band members and our road crew are triple-vaccinated and we have been scrupulous in trying to avoid exposure to SARS-CoV-2 but, despite our best efforts, this sneaky virus got past our guard. 

“It’s early days yet but Nik is currently doing well so we are hopeful he will make a speedy recovery. Brad, Rick and I are all still fit and healthy however it wouldn’t surprise us if one or all of us also turns out to be COVID-positive in the coming days. 

“We spent several hours rehearsing together on Tuesday, the day before Nik started feeling unwell. As close contacts, we are all currently self-isolating as required by NSW Health guidelines.”

 “We’ve been dreaming about doing this tour for so long that it’s especially heartbreaking to have come so close. Hopefully we and The Dandy Warhols can reschedule for later this year or, heaven help us all, early next year. 

“We’ll let you know exactly when as soon as possible and full refunds will be available at that time for anyone who wants one but, as the saying goes, ‘good things come to those who wait’ so please #keepyourtickets if you can. 

“The Hoodoo Gurus have been going for 40 bloody years and after all this time we’ve learned not to worry - because we know that this too shall pass.”

The Dandy Warhols’ Zia McCabe added: “All good things come to those who wait…and wait….and wait…I am as disappointed as I imagine everyone else is to hear we have to reschedule this tour yet again. 

“I have to believe that the pent up energy that’s been building and building is going to explode into a truly massive concussion of rock and roll when we finally get to play these shows! Save your tickets friends, it will be worth the wait.”

Promoter Frontier Touring said they were “working hard with the Hoodoo Gurus, The Dandy Warhols plus openers, and all the impacted venues, to reschedule the dates as quickly as possible and bring you the good time we’d all been looking forward to, and really needed after a tough few years”.

“As the Promoter of this very special tour, and a long standing friend and fan of both bands, I can attest to how gutted we all are to make this really difficult but necessary decision on the eve of what would have been a very successful tour,” Frontier Touring’ Sahara Herald said.

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